Sunday, May 07, 2006

hippies flock to giant puppets, and good times are had by everyone!

so every year Minneapolis is graced with a mondo huge parade that draws a diverse crowd of thousands. people organize anarchically around the In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theare ( and parade in response to a question; this year it was “what do we want Minneapolis to look like in 50 years?” here's what i got on my cyborg friend's camera (yeah dude you know who you are. i playfully blow a raspberry at you)

this yellow wave was like a choir of angels, dr. seuss style. and in case you are better at reading than interpretting my pathetic attempts at photographs, there was a pirate ship, a blue whale, dragons, some adorable border-crossing couples, werestorks and gawd couldn't guess what else.

arright, now that i've frickin overloaded you with images... guess what was in the "free speech zone", tailing the HOTB section? good reader, it was nothing like i'd ever seen in my birth town's parade. there were a few politicians, but mostly greens. including a fucking middle-eastern muslim woman comedian feminist green. hearing about her was so novel i self consiously registered to vote

and there were atheists, a flamboyantly anarchist contigent, some wobblies, vegetable gardeners, hare krishnas, falun gong, the gang was all here.

and here is a random shot of cool people.

after a refreshing jaunt to the Smitten Kitten (an educational, pro sex feminist sex shop. i headed over to powderhorn park for the post-parade festival. so many friends and potential friends! there's a polyamory group that holds a social every month, there're bunches of "naturists" who walk play together without clothes. so many scenes i'd like to poke my head in and haven't yet. i felt a small twinge of regret to be leaving such a happening place for the woods, though "the woods" are a happening place in their own ways.

biked home and had dinner at a cannabis connoisseur's house. good times. homemade flatbread. zzzzzzz


William said...


Some day I'll force you to meet some REAL transumanists (the Kevin to your Erik). You will freak.

Also. Minneapolis wouldn't know 'hippie' if it bit them in the butt.

Anonymous said...

Hey, was the poly peoples' social called Standard Deviations? My friend Gregg, his wife and some of their fuck buddies host an almost monthly social and play party at their house. Intimidatingly cool, methinks. ~Addy