Wednesday, June 06, 2007

they almost bit it

"pirates of the carribean 3. any takers?" bjorn loves the cinema, and his enthusiasm infected the other lads. werebrock insisted that he sneak in, and the others agreed to help.

"gosh, there sure is a pile of us!" "no worries, i'll just hop in the trunk"; everyone giggled as werebrock closed the door on himself.

a few minutes later, in the humming dark space of the trunk: "damn it, bjorn needs to take those turns slower." werebrock was drowsy, but bjorn's wild swerving at 55 mph perked him up. then the wheels stopped humming, and they were airborne. then they were not.

kuh thud bump thud THUD. silence.

werebrock quickly evacuated the wreckage. everybody made it relatively unscathed. bjorn, now without an auto, has decided to abandon his impending employment at subway and live at Mountain Gardens. yay, good news all around!

but you know what the best part was? werebrock realized that he was ready to die, in that split second that they were airborne. he'd accepted the Tao, and knew that no matter what happened, it was all good.


Hakim Baker said...

Holy shit!

Glad you're OK dude!



William said...


Hakim Baker said...

Sounds like a couple of our fellow zombans might be heading down to Mtn Gardens in a few days! Wish we were there. Or y'all could just come back to Springfield ...... pleeease?!!