Friday, September 29, 2006

Check this shit out!

aight, I found a fly list serv that yall should check. it's called US Quagmire. it's a middle east commentary that doesn't allow Zionists on it. (much as I disrespect religion, 'specially Islam, I do enjoy anti-Zionists rants by Muslims. they always make me laugh!) check out these two articles, they are indicative of the crem de la crop, my opinion



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A Platform of Bigotry - BOB HERBERT on George Allen ; 2nd Iraq reort


Check out this band: funny & cool


Re: Impeachment Action: War Crimes Act - URGENT


Guest who is coming for Dinner ??
raja chemayel


Re: Lebanon, a Unique Example of Humanitarian Solidarity [D. Shearer


Haiti and Iraq
Dahlia Wasfi


"We just want to go back and live like we did before."


Silence in a Time of Torture is Complicity
saima shah


Iraqi Resistance Report: Thursday, 28 September 2006.


A letter: How can we change this course of history
saima shah


Director of UNRWA, Toronto Oct 4.
Susan Howard-Azzeh


The Street Mimbar


Army chief to Bush: not enough money for Iraq war (The Guardian [UK
Romi Elnagar


Petition to hold war crimes trials
Romi Elnagar

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A Platform of Bigotry - BOB HERBERT on George Allen ; 2nd Iraq reort

Posted by: "MA PA"


Thu Sep 28, 2006 6:37 am (PST)

A Platform of Bigotry - BOB HERBERT on George Allen ; 2nd Iraq reort, this time
from UN

by BOB HERBERT - The New York Times

Thursday Sep 28th, 2006

- Herbert: Allen’s Bigotry - Where are the voices of reason in the Republican
Party(the complete article)?

- Congress Rushing Off a Cliff: Democracy Loses - The New York Times Editorial and More


A Platform of Bigotry


Published: September 28, 2006

George Allen, the clownish, Confederate-flag-loving senator from Virginia, has
apparently been scurrying around for many years, spreading his racially offensive
garbage like a dog that should be curbed. With harsh new allegations emerging daily,
it’s fair to ask:

Where are the voices of reason in the Republican Party — the nonbigoted voices? Why
haven’t we heard from them on this matter?


Congress Rushing Off a Cliff: Democracy Loses - The New York Times Editorial

Second report on Iraq, this time from U.N.

And More on Today's Newswire




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Check out this band: funny & cool

Posted by: ""

Thu Sep 28, 2006 9:37 am (PST)

Perhaps the first artificial Zionist ever, Artie Fishel is a self-loving

Jewish Jazz musician wanting to bring down one of the greatest anti-Semitic

myths ever - that Jazz has its roots in the African-American culture. Instead,

Fishel want us to believe that is was born in the Jewish Ghettos of Eastern


The Promised Band with Artie Fishel in the lead (also known as Gilad

Atzmon) is definitely one of the funniest bands ever. I had the great pleasure of

listening to them in London a few months ago myself. Check out the website,

play the game, listen to the samples - and don't miss the album launch on 18-21

of October in London!

_ (

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Re: Impeachment Action: War Crimes Act - URGENT

Posted by: "dorindamoreno"


Thu Sep 28, 2006 9:45 am (PST)

Veterans For Peace wrote:

> Dear Veterans For Peace Impeachment Project Supporters,


> If you agree with the statement below, please send it to your

> representitives in Congress by following this link:





> Thank You,


> Chris Snively VFP National Office


> ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


> Tuesday, September 26, 2006


> To All Members of the United States Congress,


> In the past five years, since the horrific attacks of September 11,

> 2001, the people of our nation have been told time and time again that

> the world has changed, we have a new enemy and we must change to fight

> that enemy. This argument has been presented over and over to justify

> deviations from and at times dismissal of our nation's basic ideals.


> Veterans For Peace and millions of other U.S. citizens believe the

> time has come to return to our nation's core beliefs as called for by

> our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, the rule of law,

> justice and the recognition of all people's unalienable human and

> civil rights.


> Recent news reports indicate that the Bush administration is seeking

> legislation to eliminate key elements of the War Crimes Act. Veterans

> For Peace believes such an effort is an attempt by administration

> officials to protect themselves from prosecution, even as they

> prosecute enlisted men and women for actions committed under their

> command in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.


> It is the highest form of hypocrisy to claim to support our troops

> while allowing the policy makers and planners of a war of choice, that

> we believe is illegal, immoral and unjust, to change existing law to

> protect themselves from prosecution for committing war crimes after

> ordering the troops to war. It is obvious that these officials are

> trying to change the law because they believe they have broken the

> law. How convenient for them that they have the power to persuade you

> to protect them. How inconvenient for the soldier on the ground who

> must follow their orders.


> Veterans For Peace vehemently insists that Congress


> (1) Reject any effort to weaken the 1996 War Crimes Act (USC §2441), and


> (2) Based on USC §2441 and Article II of the Constitution, which makes


> treaties ratified by the U.S. Senate the supreme law of the land,

> initiate impeachment proceedings against President Bush and

> Vice-President Cheney for the war crimes they have committed and for

> the treaties they have violated by the invasion and occupation of

> Iraq; including, but by no means limited to, waging a war of

> aggression, crimes against peace, and war crimes.


> Veterans For Peace reminds Congress that the Uniform Code of Military

> Justice already applies the Geneva Conventions to everyone in the U.S.

> military. The purpose of the War Crimes Act is to provide the same

> accountability to the military's civilian leaders. Gutting the War

> Crimes Act will exempt high government officials from the very war

> crimes charges they are now leveling against enlisted men and women

> and in some cases asking for the death penalty.


> It is easy to claim adherence to high ideals in times of prosperity

> and relative comfort. The test is in time of challenge and adversity.

> We face such times today. Will we live up to what we claim to be; land

> of the free and home of the brave? The American people as a whole must

> answer these questions but you are in elected positions to take a lead.


> Hold the Bush administration accountable for its actions. Support our

> troops. Do not create a double standard, one for the troops another

> for the administration. We have no Kings in the United States. No one

> is above the law. We have a President and he is a servant of the

> people. Even in times of war.


> Urgently,


> David Cline, President


> Veterans For Peace


> cc: All members of the U.S. Armed Forces


> All the American people


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Guest who is coming for Dinner ??

Posted by: "raja chemayel"


Thu Sep 28, 2006 10:23 am (PST)

Guest who is coming for Dinner ??

at the White house......

General Perverse Musharaf

and the Humid Karzay

One is a General who took over the power in a Coup ,as usual,

and the other was a CIA-Restaurant-owner who became a President.

One was threatened to be bombed into the stone ages

the other took over the Power ,

only after a actual bombing into the stone ages

Each knows that Ben Ladin is residing at his neighbour's

and each want to propagate democracy into the 16th.Century

Each is....... a partner for ally against Terror

a true friend in the war against the extremist-Muslims

Actually a moderate,..........otherwise known as a castrate .

And yet ,

although having the same puppeteer ,

they disagreed !!

meaning that their Pupeteer must be an Idiot...

How come ??

has the war against Terror derailed ??

is democracy imported and imposed , not good enough ??

is the war in Iraq , not a success ??

is Saddam more popular now , than in 1995 ??

is Ben Ladin not a raw-model for anti-modernism ??

and the anti-weternism ??

Has BenLaden replaced Simon de Bolivar

and Ernesto Che Guevara ???

How come two Puppets do revolt ??against each other.......

or against the Puppeteer ??

I guess the fish served ,in the Whitehouse,would have been excellent

and that the only thing stinking around that Dinner-Table

would have been ,only, George .

Sherlock Hommos



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Re: Lebanon, a Unique Example of Humanitarian Solidarity [D. Shearer

Posted by: "dorindamoreno"


Thu Sep 28, 2006 11:50 am (PST)

Communicator wrote:

> Lebanon, a unique example of humanitarian solidarity


> By David Shearer

> Commentary [for the Daily Star, Beirut]

> Tuesday, September 26, 2006


> I left Beirut last week feeling that in the few short months I was the

> United Nations humanitarian coordinator for Lebanon, I witnessed the

> Lebanese people in their very best light. Lebanon was my 11th

> assignment to a humanitarian emergency. It is from that perspective

> that I judge recent events in the country and how its people responded

> to the war with Israel.


> When I arrived in July, with the conflict raging, 1 million people -

> nearly a quarter of the country's population - were in flight, living

> in areas away from the fighting and the air and artillery assault on

> their communities, to the safety of Beirut, North Lebanon or Syria.

> Only weeks later, with the cessation of hostilities on August 14,

> these same people were on the move again, this time in a rush back to

> their homes, so many of which were unfortunately found damaged or

> destroyed.


> To my mind, the most intriguing thing about this large-scale migration

> was just how orderly and without incident it was. What other country

> could experience such a mass movement of its citizens in the heat of

> war and have virtually no incidence of hunger, malnutrition or deadly

> disease? In my experience, it's simply unprecedented.


> For our part, the UN agencies and non-governmental organizations gave

> help where needed - with food, water, medicine, tents, blankets and

> cooking utensils, even some psychological support. We were also able -

> thanks to our ability to communicate directly with the Israelis - to

> keep the humanitarian convoys moving. Some 80 trucks and two ships, in

> all, continued to deliver our relief supplies and those of the

> Lebanese government as well, even in the heat of war.


> But the true safety net in this emergency proved to be the Lebanese

> people, themselves. Regardless of religion or ethnic background,

> families, even whole communities, embraced those fleeing the fighting,

> taking them into their homes and feeding and caring for them. To my

> mind, this is what humanitarian assistance is all about, and the

> Lebanese people proved in their compassion to be a model for the world.


> It's now been just five weeks since the cessation of hostilities, and

> the humanitarian relief phase is pretty much over. For the most part

> all who needed food have been fed. Medicine chests in hospitals and

> clinics throughout the country are now full. And while water

> distribution in the South will continue for some weeks, government

> agencies, with the support of the UN and NGOs, are hard at work

> repairing critical storage tanks and water supply lines.



> A few days ago I took a trip through South Lebanon. What was most

> amazing to me was to see how much of the reconstruction process is

> already under way. Lebanese communities have moved quickly to clean up

> the rubble of war. And dozens of government work crews could be seen

> strung all along the roadways, installing the new electrical lines and

> transformers that are quickly returning light and heat to communities

> and schools and that will power the generators and pumps to bring back

> regular supplies of water.


> The reconstruction process will not happen overnight, particularly

> given the large scale of destruction, and the lingering legacy of

> those 300,000-plus cluster-bomb sub-munitions that will continue to

> endanger lives and livelihoods for some time to come. But thanks to

> the $900 million committed to recovery by donors at the Stockholm

> conference in early September, and significant bilateral donations

> from Gulf countries and elsewhere, the government and municipalities

> will have the resources in hand for a well-planned recovery.


> Humanitarian relief efforts can sometimes drag on too long and

> overstay their need. This is one event in which the Lebanese people

> themselves helped speed the relief phase. Our job is done, and I take

> my leave, comfortable in the knowledge that the Lebanese government

> and its people, with the continuing assistance of UN development

> agencies and NGOs, are moving ahead confidently with the recovery

> process.


> On a personal note, it has been an honor and a privilege for me to

> work with the people of Lebanon in their time of crisis. They've

> taught me a lesson about compassion and solidarity in the face of

> turmoil. I have no doubt that their wonderful energy and sense of

> optimism will be the mortar for building a better country than the one

> that has been so painfully damaged.


> David Shearer was the UN humanitarian coordinator for Lebanon. He

> wrote this commentary for THE DAILY STAR.


> This email was cleaned by emailStripper, available for free from


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Haiti and Iraq

Posted by: "Dahlia Wasfi"

Thu Sep 28, 2006 2:31 pm (PST)

Observations: Selective reporting

The day after Haiti's elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide was forced into exile
by US troops in 2004, the British press was unmoved. Aristide had it coming, the
Times thought, as he had been "increasingly despotic and erratic", while
the Independent called him "a bloody dictator" and the Telegraph noted his
"use of thugs to intimidate political opponents".

In a moment of unusual dissent, a letter in the London Review of Books by Peter
Hallward, now of Middlesex University, tried to put events in context. "People
with - generally tenuous - connections to Aristide's Lavalas party were probably
responsible for around 30 killings in all the years he was in office." Set this
against the 5,000 Lavalas supporters killed while Aristide was in exile from
1991-94, and the 50,000 deaths attributed to the Duvalier dictatorships.

Now we are learning more about bloodshed in Haiti. A study in the Lancet reports
that, during the 22-month rule of the US-backed interim government that followed
Aristide's departure, no fewer than 8,000 people were murdered in greater
Port-au-Prince alone. Of these, 22 per cent were killed by the police, 26 per cent
by anti-Aristide groups or the demobilised army, and 48 per cent by criminals. In
addition, 35,000 women and girls were raped or sexually assaulted.

Professor Royce Hutson of Wayne State University, who co-wrote the study, said:
"We didn't detect any Lavalas atrocities with regards to murder or sexual
assault. We did detect some physical assaults . . . and some threatening

In the entire US and British press three papers reported this: the Miami Herald, the
Independent and the Guardian, and for the Guardian the story became news only after
a letter to the Lancet challenged the report's credibility.

There is an echo here of the treatment given the October 2004 Lancet report that
found 100,000 excess Iraqi civilian deaths since the 2003 invasion. This was
dismissed at the time and has generally been ignored ever since, even though earlier
mortality studies in the Democratic Republic of Congo by the same lead author, Les
Roberts, and using the same methodology, were cited by the likes of Tony Blair and
Colin Powell.

Last February, Roberts returned to the subject of Iraq, this time estimating that
the civilian death toll there could have reached 200,000-300,000. Having examined
the media's preferred study, produced by the Iraq Body Count (IBC) website - which
puts the number of civilian deaths, based on reports by the media, at 43,000-48,000
- Roberts and colleagues found that "it cannot be more than 20 per cent

This prompted a debate, and in a June letter to IBC, Roberts described his team's
reaction to the website's most recent defence of its work: "We decided that it
was so devoid of credibility, and so laden with self-interest rather than the
interest of the Iraqis, it did not merit a response."

That judgement, from some of the world's leading epidemiologists, could hardly be
more damning. And hardly of less interest to the mainstream media, which ignored it.

David Edwards and David Cromwell edit and are the authors
of "Guardians of Power: the myth of the liberal media" (Pluto Press)


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Arawack City vs. The Nazis

another adventure i can report... sort of. gosh damnit, why can't i just spill my guts? woo yeah for the lack of easy internet privacy.


the National Socialist Movement was having a rally/speech thing in Arawack City. they are "the Nazi Party" in the states, far as i know. they seem to bring together some remnants of the KKK, skin heads, and other people who get fed up with Babylon but then get led astray. or just led, i supposed one could say

anyway, ever since watching the Blues Brothers I've wanted to beat up a Nazi (, from, but hadn't gotten around to it. so I heeded the call, hopin to bloody my fists and see a few of my far flung pals.

getting there was a drag. i tried hitching. some asshole didn't like me sitting on the sidewalk in front of his building. my "what would jesus do? pick up a hitch hiker" sign was just SO offensive. (i guess it looks worse on cardboard) he called the cops, and i had to walk a couple miles to the next exit. then it started to rain, and continued for the next 7 hours as i caught a cold and now rides. didn't mind though, i got halfway through Eldridge Cleaver's "Soul on Ice".

my dear Dandilion picked me up, gave me some serious cheering up and a ride to the nearest truck stop. there, a ZZ Top Lookalike gave me a ride all the way to Arawack City. i walked another few miles to my digs, passing more games of beer pong then i could count. later i would meet a girl doing research in the style of sociology, anthropology or primate observation, i'm not sure, on the jocks i passed through that night.

that night and the next day, sundry radicals came from the far corners of the area to see what they could do. we donned buckets, and started banging as we marched down to where the NSM was scheduled to be.

as it turned out, there were more police than anarchists and nazis put tog3ther. 15 on horses, 80+ on foot, and a few in the air. they had a perimeter, and you had to go through a checkpoint to get within a block of them.

so one really loudmouthed guy went down into the crowd of protesters and single handedly drowned out 75% of what the Nazi speakers said. i stood outside the cage, beating really hard on buckets to add to the cacophany. there was no blood shed, unless a demon clawed its way out of one of the nazis and i missed it. :(

we headed to an alt pub, then went back to the flop house and laughed A LOT. then flopped

the next day, i had some lunch with them and then hit the on ramp. nice folks.

who should pick me up but a bisexual hustler, looking at me like a pile of money and dildos with a sign saying "Take me, please." nothing bad happened, cept I had to call the fam as a bail out ride

all in all, a fun trip. i'm leaving out plenty of colorful stories, characters, and textures, just fill them in with your imagination.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

show and tell (my zine) #2 is out!

woo hoo!

the manuscript of #1 is lost, probably forever. there were no copies. here is an entirely new zine, with no repeat content. enjoy, motherfuckers

shit, it won't upload. SHIT. i tried putting it as a pdf, any other suggestions? it's 18 pages long

Friday, September 15, 2006

notes on abo activity in today's life

i filched this off the Forage Ahead listserv, of the Yahoo Group by the same name:

""How long does it take?" "As long as it takes". I made that comment about processing a year's supply kinda tongue-in-cheek. I'd love to have hunting/gathering as a way of life vs. working eight hours in an office and stealing an hour or so here and there to forage. I think acorn processing sometimes seems laborious to me because I am always rushed doing it because of other things that demand my time. If my family was dependant on my processing acorns, and if I had others aiding me in processing them, I think my perception would be different."

That's just how we roll. I just made fruit leather from dumpstered key limes and wild harvested paw paws. It doesn't sustain me, but 1) it gets me out, 2) engages my senses, 3) stretches my arms when I have to climb trees, 4) gets me some unusually good nutrition, and 5) gets me together, learning in an exciting environment, with my friends. 6) And I get to commune with Mother Nature more intensely.

So even if you're an atheist, or just a non-animist, you still get all those benefits I mentioned before when wild crafting.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

SADLY: once an agitator, ALWAYS AN AGITATOR. unless the shit really hit the fan

so i've talked way too much radicalism with the wrong people, all over the place where i shouldn't have, for me to not get caught if something big went down in the area i live. so i better get better focus on talking and community building in the next few months or i'll feel totally useless

possibly why american anarchists love zombie movies

i have a theory. american (and i mean from the mother fucking us of a. common usage, bitches) anarchists often feel estranged from a lot of people in this mass society. this estrangement can come from varied and sources- if you care for non-human animal welfare, seeing people eating a McBurger, you might write them off. if you love woods and see humans bulldozing where you played as a child, and continue to play as a youth and adult, you might shout "What the fuck are you thinking?! Anything?!" If you are a gun enthusiast and see someone buying Federal Ammunition bullets, you might stop and say "Wait wait wait- you've got the 'from my cold dead fingers' bumper sticker (gag, cars), yet you're buying from a government arms venture? You're not crazy, you're brain dead. May as well be a zombie."

so in zombie movies, some people REALLY ARE ZOMBIES. they have become devoted slaves to their "need" for human flesh, just like people in real society are slaves to other habits and addictions. yet there are a few survivors (read: us), who aren't slaves to anything, and they (we) fend off the hoardes as best we can, and weather the storm pretty well in some cases

case in point, a quote and picture from the entry on zombies
"Though it is common for zombies to discuss American Idol, very few actually audition."

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

this is the best free running site out there:

I am singing songs

To Myself

To express how I feel

Tho I shant Discuss matters with anyone but my shadow.

Tetnous shot has my upper arm swollen My intestines are constricting causing me minute whimpers My heart is achey and my eyes momentarily get teary But Of course, my emotions are flustered.

[img src=""]


Tonight I shall see one of my favorite bands. It will take an awfully high dose of fantabulous music to ignite my feet to dance on this evening.

A piece of buckskin awaits to be made into a satchel A canvas awaits splotches of paint ,These are my immediate goals

Have you ever adored something so much. The Butterfly that you put in a Jar. But it was whithering, So you had to let it go, to be free, to flutter its wings fluctuating the wind and creating impact on the surrounding air.

Puffy white clouds on a crisp blue sky, flourishing verde spreading out as far as the eye can see.

I'm overdue for a trip to La Paz.

I should eat, my tummy wants no substance in it.
Lack of nutrients makes for a weak Corrie.
However, fears of lack of proper digestion make me hesitant to intake anything solid. Perhaps I shall by a Bolthouse Soy Chai Tea protein shake. Must get some nutrients before dancing tonight. I must.

Monday, September 04, 2006

freerunning; creatine; the untimely death of a hero

Now that I'm backon my feet and can't find my kung fu book, i'm gonna get started on some basic free running techniques... Pics, and explanation from wikipedia

"Free running is a physical discipline, in which participants (Free runners) attempt to pass all obstacles in their path in a smooth and fluid way. Free runners interact with their environment using movements such as vaulting, jumping, sommersaults and other acrobatic movements, creating an athletic and aesthetically pleasing way of moving.

Created by Sebastien Foucan and inspired by the similar discipline of parkour, free running differs as it incorporates elements of tricking as well. As such, it is a more creative and artistic way of moving, open to personal interpretation, rather than being focused upon moving along a route using only the most efficient and useful movements. Initially, the term free running was used interchangibly with parkour; however, as free runners became interested in aesthetics as well as useful movement, the two became different disciplines.

While free running and parkour share many common techniques, they have a fundamental difference in philosophy and intention. The aims of parkour are reach, the ability to quickly access areas that would otherwise be inaccessible, and escape, the ability to evade pursuers, while free running is concerned more with aesthetics."

The supplement creatine came to my attention. Some sort of harmless chemical your body makes, (most easily from meat eaten, problematic) that your body needs to maintain energy of series' of short bursts of intense exercise. I may start taking it to help with getting back into kung fu and freerunning.

Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter,has been killed. A sting ray felt (inaccurately) threatend by his presence, and stabbed him in the heart. He died almost instantly, leaving a legacy of bringing serious wildlife footage and a love of the Mother out of the esoteric realms of nature enthusiasts, scientists and romantics. HE BROUGHT GOOD THINGS TO SO MANY PEOPLE. I WILL MISS YOU,MR. IRWIN. Two quotes and pics.

"I get called an adrenaline junkie every other minute, and I'm just fine with that."

"I have no fear of losing my life if I have to save a koala or a crocodile or a kangaroo or a snake, mate, I will save it."