Thursday, September 14, 2006

possibly why american anarchists love zombie movies

i have a theory. american (and i mean from the mother fucking us of a. common usage, bitches) anarchists often feel estranged from a lot of people in this mass society. this estrangement can come from varied and sources- if you care for non-human animal welfare, seeing people eating a McBurger, you might write them off. if you love woods and see humans bulldozing where you played as a child, and continue to play as a youth and adult, you might shout "What the fuck are you thinking?! Anything?!" If you are a gun enthusiast and see someone buying Federal Ammunition bullets, you might stop and say "Wait wait wait- you've got the 'from my cold dead fingers' bumper sticker (gag, cars), yet you're buying from a government arms venture? You're not crazy, you're brain dead. May as well be a zombie."

so in zombie movies, some people REALLY ARE ZOMBIES. they have become devoted slaves to their "need" for human flesh, just like people in real society are slaves to other habits and addictions. yet there are a few survivors (read: us), who aren't slaves to anything, and they (we) fend off the hoardes as best we can, and weather the storm pretty well in some cases

case in point, a quote and picture from the entry on zombies
"Though it is common for zombies to discuss American Idol, very few actually audition."

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