Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I am singing songs

To Myself

To express how I feel

Tho I shant Discuss matters with anyone but my shadow.

Tetnous shot has my upper arm swollen My intestines are constricting causing me minute whimpers My heart is achey and my eyes momentarily get teary But Of course, my emotions are flustered.

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Tonight I shall see one of my favorite bands. It will take an awfully high dose of fantabulous music to ignite my feet to dance on this evening.

A piece of buckskin awaits to be made into a satchel A canvas awaits splotches of paint ,These are my immediate goals

Have you ever adored something so much. The Butterfly that you put in a Jar. But it was whithering, So you had to let it go, to be free, to flutter its wings fluctuating the wind and creating impact on the surrounding air.

Puffy white clouds on a crisp blue sky, flourishing verde spreading out as far as the eye can see.

I'm overdue for a trip to La Paz.

I should eat, my tummy wants no substance in it.
Lack of nutrients makes for a weak Corrie.
However, fears of lack of proper digestion make me hesitant to intake anything solid. Perhaps I shall by a Bolthouse Soy Chai Tea protein shake. Must get some nutrients before dancing tonight. I must.

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