Sunday, September 24, 2006

Arawack City vs. The Nazis

another adventure i can report... sort of. gosh damnit, why can't i just spill my guts? woo yeah for the lack of easy internet privacy.


the National Socialist Movement was having a rally/speech thing in Arawack City. they are "the Nazi Party" in the states, far as i know. they seem to bring together some remnants of the KKK, skin heads, and other people who get fed up with Babylon but then get led astray. or just led, i supposed one could say

anyway, ever since watching the Blues Brothers I've wanted to beat up a Nazi (, from, but hadn't gotten around to it. so I heeded the call, hopin to bloody my fists and see a few of my far flung pals.

getting there was a drag. i tried hitching. some asshole didn't like me sitting on the sidewalk in front of his building. my "what would jesus do? pick up a hitch hiker" sign was just SO offensive. (i guess it looks worse on cardboard) he called the cops, and i had to walk a couple miles to the next exit. then it started to rain, and continued for the next 7 hours as i caught a cold and now rides. didn't mind though, i got halfway through Eldridge Cleaver's "Soul on Ice".

my dear Dandilion picked me up, gave me some serious cheering up and a ride to the nearest truck stop. there, a ZZ Top Lookalike gave me a ride all the way to Arawack City. i walked another few miles to my digs, passing more games of beer pong then i could count. later i would meet a girl doing research in the style of sociology, anthropology or primate observation, i'm not sure, on the jocks i passed through that night.

that night and the next day, sundry radicals came from the far corners of the area to see what they could do. we donned buckets, and started banging as we marched down to where the NSM was scheduled to be.

as it turned out, there were more police than anarchists and nazis put tog3ther. 15 on horses, 80+ on foot, and a few in the air. they had a perimeter, and you had to go through a checkpoint to get within a block of them.

so one really loudmouthed guy went down into the crowd of protesters and single handedly drowned out 75% of what the Nazi speakers said. i stood outside the cage, beating really hard on buckets to add to the cacophany. there was no blood shed, unless a demon clawed its way out of one of the nazis and i missed it. :(

we headed to an alt pub, then went back to the flop house and laughed A LOT. then flopped

the next day, i had some lunch with them and then hit the on ramp. nice folks.

who should pick me up but a bisexual hustler, looking at me like a pile of money and dildos with a sign saying "Take me, please." nothing bad happened, cept I had to call the fam as a bail out ride

all in all, a fun trip. i'm leaving out plenty of colorful stories, characters, and textures, just fill them in with your imagination.

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