Friday, September 15, 2006

notes on abo activity in today's life

i filched this off the Forage Ahead listserv, of the Yahoo Group by the same name:

""How long does it take?" "As long as it takes". I made that comment about processing a year's supply kinda tongue-in-cheek. I'd love to have hunting/gathering as a way of life vs. working eight hours in an office and stealing an hour or so here and there to forage. I think acorn processing sometimes seems laborious to me because I am always rushed doing it because of other things that demand my time. If my family was dependant on my processing acorns, and if I had others aiding me in processing them, I think my perception would be different."

That's just how we roll. I just made fruit leather from dumpstered key limes and wild harvested paw paws. It doesn't sustain me, but 1) it gets me out, 2) engages my senses, 3) stretches my arms when I have to climb trees, 4) gets me some unusually good nutrition, and 5) gets me together, learning in an exciting environment, with my friends. 6) And I get to commune with Mother Nature more intensely.

So even if you're an atheist, or just a non-animist, you still get all those benefits I mentioned before when wild crafting.

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