Saturday, November 03, 2007

the beauty

The beauty is tremendous. Walking to work today, through the park, I stopped where the road crossed the stream. The ducks were paddling around, quietly quacking to each other. And just where the creek goes around the bend, a deer was drinking. This park is miles inside town, and yet here was a deer, going about its morning, oblivious to me, quietly crunching leaves on my way to my indentured servitude (which is up in 9 days!).

The water flowed, the birds twittered, the bugs chirped, the breeze rippled. The sun shone through electric yellow maple leaves. The frosty grass and weeds crunched under my worn-out shoes. I was overcome by the tremendous beauty.

It's all there waiting for us as we end our lives as pavement and landfill machines, and begin anew.

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Hakim Baker said...

Promote the planting of fruits, nuts, herbs, trees, vines, tubers, everything delicious that could plausibly grow in the 'hood, if you grow it they will eat.

Soon it will be too late–you can’t take that dank shit away from the people without a fight. It took Leviathan a hundred years to take gardens away from the people, and look how simple it is to take them back. Scatter seeds. Eat what grows. Appreciate the wildness in everything. Accommodate that wildness into your life. Grow your own wildness within and without. It is beautiful and full of ease.