Friday, January 18, 2008

wages reappear, along with more definate blessings

Werebrock heads into work! Subcontractor of the EPA means that this anarchic Noble Savage is now on the payroll of the Department of Homeland Security. Ouch, as Miz Pan Pipes said "If irony were made of strawberries, we'd all be drinking a lot of smoothies." Some plusses, though. Good tunes coming out of the radio and an international team of scientists. The lycanthrope is their dishwasher. The big kids are fermenting trash, researching bioremediation bacterias, and detoxifying soil with trees! Holy shit! Better quickly learn enough basics to pick their brains. Thinking about going back to the Academy, cuz there is some way to put together an enriching experience in agroforestry science, writing, alchemy, etc., w/o costing too much. Gotta be.

Now that the WB's got some structure and cash flow in his days, what kind of new and crazy adventures wait, pregnantly non-existant, just over the horizon? Preview here: VFD Vivir vino veritas, compadres. Other adventures and projects abound, but the fool tells all and Werebrock's hasn't come back around to that stage yet. Here's a few picks to tease.


shadowcrrew said...

a note to Cincinnati activists: come be with us in FNB! we are looking to expand the operation to two servings a week and would joyfully incorporate your energy, perhaps in this manner.

FNB shares food and community in front of the city block-sized federal building. though we are labeled a "terrorist" organization by the Dept. of Homeland inSecurity, the only fear could plausibly be striking is in the hearts of high-salaried, earth-wrecking despots by our effectiveness at touching people and embodying the change we seek. and even so, the federal security guards like us and keep the cincy pigs off our backs. a big, golden, Illuminati $1 bill pyramid plaque is fastened high on a marble battlement near to our food tables. i revel in the strangeness of this situation

insanenigma said...

oh yay! pictures hoy! I am soo glad to hear you are enjoying your new job. From what I hear and can interprate from you and others, they are just as happy to have you around. High five for mutual happiness!