Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i've got a job that's so so, as far as jobs go. there are no police. there is sunshine and forest scents when i walk between buildings. there is the figuring out how to really efficiently manage short bursts of time then do slow times- night between work days- kind of like high-stakes agriculture. washing glassware can get pretty crappy, though.

sometimes, when nobody's in the lab, i cry. just a little bit. the tightness of my goggles hurts my head while the constant machine noises affront my vibrational senses.


sometimes, when nobody's in the lab, i dance. and whoop. there is no stopping me, and the destiny unfolds with great beauty.

this site inspired me today: commercially produced, in-bottle, wild ferment fruit wine

and Lee was inspired by


shadowcrrew said...

i got laid off. it was good, they took me out to lunch and gave me a Leatherman pocket set of weed sheers

donald423 said...


Come to Springfield?

deb said...

Glad to hear it.
I work part-time at a yoga studio now in San Diego and have an eye on a job with a new acupuncture clinic.

One son had a terrible motorcycle accident and can't work right now (he'll be OK though....phew! close one!!) so I'm moving in with him for a few weeks. Then....we'll see.
About this time last year I was saying goodbye to Mtn Gardens. Miss you. Big Hugs....Deb