Tuesday, October 07, 2008


It's driving me MAD, this cartoonish empire.

There's this martial law stuff;

The prisoner in his own free country being intentionally driven insane by policies being carried out by people who are alarmed at what they're carrying out;

More prisoners, Muslims of Chinese origin, whom a judge orders MUST be released LIKE, RIGHT NOW! They were cleared for release in 2004, but the institutions headed by our elected representatives won't release them to their home country cause, you know, they might be persecuted over there. The judge ordered they be released into good ol' America, and also ordered that on release, they MUST NOT then be detained by immigration officials.

It's such a cartoon of itself, it's too much like Radio Free Albemuth, it's like RoboKeystoneCops. Kafka wrote about stuff like this generations ago. And so did Orwell. Terry Gilliam made a movie of it in the 1980s. And so on and so forth ...

I'm sure if I started voting again, essential change and the triumph of justice would occur before it's too late. But seriously, I'm confident that the Democrats would not hesitate to use that martial law stuff against whomever they deem deserving. I remember learning about the Stanford Prison Experiment and other experiments where ordinary people abuse authority because they're given tacit permission. That seems to be a major part of this whole authoritarian-culture-destroying-the-world-for-10,000-years problem.

So, about 45 minutes ago, I was about to start blogging angrily, but it was time to put dear daughter to bed. I return to the computer and see the weather prediction: highs in the 70s (F), partly cloudy, lows in the 50s, all week. Focus on the positive! Appreciate the abundant blessings of the unnameable divine source!

"Continue planting things that you can eat" still seems to be the most sensible thing to do, no matter what happens in the disconnected consensus realities of finance and government. Trillions of dollars--gone!!

And maybe go get another glass of homebrew.

"Jesus said, lock up all the Muslims!" --Appendix to the Bible, by Brother Mark


vivir vino veritas said...

a lot of indigenous-born people, who are crushed by empire, will stay on the land, as campesinos, unless being brainwashed or coerced by external circumstance, ie facing starvation and loss of property rites and going into day labor for the imprisoning commodity market, which pays an unlivable wage and forces folk to the city for livelihood.

even after cosmology/religion/philosophy has been erased, and your would-be inherited ways of describing the sacredness of ecological interdependence have been erased, severing ties to the Earth is going to happen at the end of the alienation process. reflecting on your conclusion, Hakim, I agree. it stands to reason that to lead increasingly rich and meaningful lives, one's first task is best going to involve firmly establishing a very physical connection to this world, and as far as getting independent from Leviathan, dancing the labor of a kitchen garden might be step one. along with freeing your body through the improved nutrition and exercise, you learn to see the Earth as a co-conspirator in your liberation

vivir vino veritas said...

and i'll throw in, rainwater harvesting and the cultivation of breath might be 2 and 3, respectfully.

with the water, pure from the most natural sources possible is a worthy direction to aim at. we all know about the trace but growing amounts of carcinogenic plastic that leach into. There's a growing awareness of the hormone-disrupting byproducts of Big Pharma's evil sorcery that escape from our bodies into the rivers through urination. We've known about the straight up poisons that Uncle Scam puts in our water to keep it sterile. but rain is the naturally distilled and recondensed liquid, aside from it's lowered pH due to smog.

noting the irony, it must be said that smoking has been the key to unlocking my awareness of breath. inhaling deeply to try and increase the altitude of a buzz, i began to appreciate the air's oxygen as well as the smoke. once this pleasure is unlocked, your being is better nourished by its more rarified source of chi and one is less apt to get confused by the words of our oppressors.