Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Semen is Latin
for a dormant, fertilized
plant ovum--
a seed.
Man's ejaculate
is chemically more akin
to plant pollen.
it is really
more accurate
to call it
mammal pollen.

To call it
is to thrust
an insanity
deep inside our culture:
that men plow women
and plant their seed
when, in fact,
what they are doing
is pollinating flowers.

Doesn't that change everything between us?

--by Stephen Harrod Buhner, from the book the Secret Teachings of Plants

It's yet another book that is blowing my mind, makes me feel like I'm on psychedelic drugs, clears and calms me like the tao te ching, explains chaos and fractals so I can see how mountains are alive and the possibilities are infinite, as are our responses to them. Yep.



D. Lollard said...

I like flowers.

vivir vino veritas said...

wo, that's one of my favorites too! Buhner also has a book on brewing