Thursday, May 24, 2007

living with an egalitarian tribe?

i was thinking, after reading David Graebner's "Fragments of an Anarchist Antrhopology", that I should go kick it with the Yoruba or some other egalitarian tribe. just to see how their heads are screwed on, and experience life amongst folks who don't use McDonaldization as a point of reference.

i was thinking, "Maybe Fiji, or Hawaii, since I'm already gonna go there." now Fiji's out of the picture, because the government would grab me by the blog and gnosh me into little pieces.

my compatriot Dan Bartlett is working on a series of zines called "Tribeless", which may talk back to these thoughts. i'll read the first one here:

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Hakim Baker said...

Oh yes, how many of us have fantasized about finding some relatively healthy culture somewhere to kick it with for a while and figure out how to live. Sigh.

But we get tastes of that, both from reading about egalitarian cultures and from living that way, with our friends & other loved ones, at least from time to time when the TAZ blossoms.