Wednesday, May 23, 2007

plants in our urban homestead

Happy Discordian chaos holiday! 5-23!

These are plants cataloged by Shaykha Sharqi as found in our yard. Some are overwintered in the house. Some of them were planted this season, and many are volunteers aka wild aka weeds.

Amaranth, aloe vera,
Bell peppers, broccoli, burdock, buckeye trees,
Creeping Charlie, chicory, coffee, clover (white and red), cherry trees (2 kinds), catnip, Christmas cactus, croton, Chinese evergreen,
Dandelion, daylily, dayflowers, deadly nightshade, datura, devil’s ivy,
Elm trees, English ivy, evergreen tree (kind??),
Fleabane, fern
Garlic chives, garlic, grass (3 kinds-short and tall fescue, cool-season), grapevine, garlic mustard, gladiolus, ghetto palm,
Indian strawberries, iris,
Jerusalem artichokes, Japanese ivy,
Lambs quarters, lemon balm,
Mulberry trees, milkweed (vining), morning glory, mint
Onions, oregano, Oak tree (red oak),
Potatoes, peas, peonies, plaintain, poison ivy, plum tree, pokeweed, pole beans,
Raspberries, rose of Sharon, redbud tree, rosemary, roses,
Spinach, sunflowers, sunberries (garden huckleberries), sweet William, spirea, stinging nettle, strawberries, shepherd’s purse, smartweed, spider plant, sweet potatoes,
Tomatoes, tansy,
Violas, violets,
Wood sorrel, wild four-o’clock,

and a few as-yet unidentified plants. and a few waiting to be put in the ground. unjobbing and unschooling RULZ!!


werebrock said...

holy Sophia! that be a lot of good plants! when i get a chance, i'm gonna send you a zine (of sourts) that Joe made. it's the 120 easiest, bestest useful plants from Mountain Gardens. the list is on the site, but it's not as accessible

Hakim Baker said...

We have since planted and discovered even more plants ...