Monday, December 03, 2007

I'm living in the house and working on the hut..

It was cold today, so we started a fire in an iron wheel barrel. That was a neat trick.

George Hardebeck may be posting on this site soon. Yesterday we walked around in the woods and he introduced me to a bunch of different tree species. Before, I had been blind to them. Let's see if I remember something from what he said.

Okay, so he cajoled me into seeing some of the reasons behind tree placement. Red oaks, for instance, don't need much water, and we saw old (read: successful at stayin' alive) individuals on the edges of steep slopes, where the water table leaves a high and dry spot that few other tree species effectively colonized.

boo yah. see George, i was listening.

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Hakim Baker said...

Yeah, I love learning stuff like that. It's like learning to see a world that's right there in front of our eyes, but that no one can recognize. always learning ....

How's it going? How are Nyotok & co. yet? It's lonely here in Illistan. Even my beloved Moorish Amira Shaykha Sharqi is on vacation. Which, thinking positive, has forced Kid Khalila and I to learn to get along better.

Did I point y'all to little house in the ghetto? folktalez?

<3 hakim