Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The shackles lay at my feet, broken.

Krow came to visit in a dream. He smiled his crazy grin and outstretched his inky wings. “Climb aboard,” he said, “and I’ll take you to Paradise.” I doubted his destination but climbed aboard his wings made of garbage and human hope. We soared high above tall buildings, above miles of pavement. We flew higher until the sun became the moon. We dropped to the ground early or late in time, the special dreamtime where nothing exists and everything is to be realized.

I saw what Krow saw—Paradise. Food and shelter everywhere, human love spinning a web to catch me if I took the chance to jump.

“I don’t understand,” I told Krow. “Where is this magic place?”

Krow grinned, “It’s everywhere. Look through the night behind the devil’s horns. Paradise surrounds you. You’ve been looking at what’s not Paradise. Open your eyes wider and you will see Paradise everywhere.”

I awoke from my dream and walked outside. Krow’s reality became my own. I awoke to my golden city aflame. I joined every Adam and Eve. We ate the fruits of Paradise. We no longer toiled in the fields. And god—Krow—was with us til the end of our days.

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Anonymous said...

crow seems to be a totem for a lot of folks in the movement(s), these days. it's good to know he's such a good friend of a friend!

two weeks ago an injured crow jumped out of the shadows of a graveyard and we then proceeded to commune on a level way beyond words. it felt like a vortex opened up in the middle of my forehead, and the crow got the message right quick that we were friends. the next few days we nursed him with clean water, low stress and ground beef. he's now getting rehabbed by a state-sponsored, out of home wildlife rehabilitator. yay for war funds getting channeled away to heal car-injured wildlife! -werebrock