Monday, March 10, 2008

Food To Be Harder To Get. Or Maybe Easier.


Food is rapidly becoming more expensive. Like, even for spoiled Americans. Becoming unspoiled could be unpleasant. Or it could just mean more fresh local wild chaos food.

I heard about a greenhouse operation in Milwaukee, Wisc., where they lay down a lot of active wormy compost, lay down some finished compost on top, and plant in that. The active compost underneath helps warm everything. Big piles of compost in the corners also warm it up. Worms everywhere. No other power or heat source.


sharqi said...

A fossil-fuel-free greenhouse, located in a zone 5 or 6--that's some amazing technology they got there.

The referenced article was interesting. China and India eating more meat? Could it be their economies' growth that is fueling the demand for meat? And of course, in America, the dollar decreases in value constantly, so each day we pay more for the same ol' crap.

World grain production has plateaued, or peaked? Only time will tell, much like oil production. It will be interesting to see if someday the businessmen who own the giant industrial farms will someday sell their products exclusively to China or India because they have money that is worth something. And we'll all be eating lambs quarters and wild food. Well, that doesn't sound too awful, anyway!


shadowcrrew said...

I am very excited about that kind of technology. It sounds like they've gotten motivated and are taking a solution like and really running with it, where does that impetus come from? Spiritual stuff? Exposure to unusual horror or unusual bliss? I dunno if there's an answer, actually, but when I hear somebody doing something that innovative the first thing I do is consider "How could I personally incorporate this stuff into my life?" That's what I do for local artisans who blend tea, tend bees and grow cabbage.

One personal strategy I have adopted, and looking at my personality type it makes sense why it feels so right, is to look for innovative hermits on the fringe and offer them social situations to plug into supportive community. If we all hooked each other up with our friends, imagine what that would be like, right?