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getting back into writing can take all night

I respond to this fellow underneath his short topic post:

Anthony H
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I am writing an email to the folks at

If you care about liberty and freedom in this country I suggest you do the same.

Explain to them "pressure from above and below" explained by Colonel Edward Mandell House in his book Philip Drew: Administrator or another term known as "problem reaction solution"

We all know how the establishment use these attacks and crisis to further their police state big government agenda. These folks are well meaning but all their actions do is fuel the other side. More of our rights will be destroyed because of events like this.

"All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order." ---David Rockefeller

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More options Mar 8, 4:36 am
What an excellent discussion topic! Looking ahead from Highschool, who
would have thought I'd be dining with the conspiracy theorists this
winter? I'm glad to be part of your community, and to whom and how do
I give money for flyin' that airplane banner?
Anyway, looking at

"We all know how the establishment use these attacks and crisis to
further their police state big government agenda."

I completely disagree with your opinion of the ramifications of this
ELF action. I'm going to argue that the tentative theme of your
upcoming letter is unwise; your time is better spent on other
projects. I write to you as someone whose personal history includes
anguish at seeing my favorite greenspace in Northern Kentucky
destroyed for development. I've thought about the ELF a fair bit, and
have a different perspective from yours that I'd like to share with
the group.

The ELF does not deserve to be blamed for giving ammo to Big Brother,
because Big Brother makes all his own ammo! Evil is as evil does. So
while sure, yeah, BB might use this ELF action on Fox News to make
McMansioners shake their heads in self-righteous consumer smug
assuredy, it's not the ELF's fault. When Big Brother needs an
increasing amount of fuel for his big, fiery LIE to keeps his iron
manacles hot (and he always does), than he reaches out and just tries
to take it. The current big obvious example is how he's ordering the
American economy into more than a trillion dollars of debt for fuel
oil, by haphazardly occupying what's left of the dessertified Fertile
Crescent and turning it into something out of Dante.

With that kind of psychological, unlimited need for power and the will
to chase it no matter the costs, why say that the ELF's arson is
adding fuel to its fire? Nothing we do except grovel, slave and die
gives any satisfaction to this faux-Illuminati scum! The ELF is an
element in the same system this Big Brother operates in, so naturally
they have a relationship- same as we all have relationships with each
other- but the relationship is decidedly antagonistic, not
synergistic. I'm not gonna go into that, because other people have
done an excellent job. For a superb story of how people used non-
violent ecotage to effectively smother BB's fire in the '90's in
Britain, read It
changed the way I look at the world.

I've established that the ELF is not responsible for Big Brother's
oppression because oppress is what BB tries to do, no matter what we
choose to do or not do. So, what harm is there in the ELF's ecotage?
The only harm I can think of is that a) it's illegal and people should
NEVER do illegal things, (sarcasm) b) there's arguably some hazard of
smoke inhalation to Seattle's denizens, to the limited extent that the
smoke reduces already compromised urban air quality. This is a small
price to pay for anything, relative to anything. Compare to the
emissions one meat-eating car driver is irresponsible for in a year,
it's probably peanuts. If you choose to invalidate their actions by
thinking them juvenile, consider that they might have been juveniles
and idealistic is how juveniles are supposed to act. Speaking of
youngsters, if this civilization, this bastard son of Gaia,
meaningfully makes it off the planet than I hope somebody else (maybe
the Greys?) shoots it dead. That's neither here nor there, though.

Is there any good coming from this latest ELF action? I suggest you
choose to be inspired by them instead of thinking they're well-
intentioned dumbasses. If you're inspired, than they're accomplishing
much of what they set out to do. A lot of Sierra Club people would
have no heart to participate in bureaucracy, if they didn't think
there were folk who were passionately acting on their Deep Ecology.
But following your own inner, guiding stars is courageous and probably
seems absurdly romantic to a lot of environmentalists. After all,
putting one's despairing soul under the ELF banner comes at a
tremendous risk of self-sacrifice in prison. But if you try and see
it from their angle (though I'm not suggesting anybody walk a mile in
their shoes), what the ELF does takes a lot of compassion for

Do you see a problem of approaching environmental oblivion? You
probably do, and so you're already in their ballpark. Who is taking
the problem seriously enough to radically alter the unfolding of world
events and avert future devastation? It seems like almost noone else
is seriously considering HOW to get us through this, so you
hypothetically might start to think you're responsible for the weight
of our collective sins because if you're not, who will be? What do you
do?! The signature ELF answer is torching McMansions and other gross
despoliations to symbolically say that, heavens no, we are not gonna
let these gobsalves carry us all to hell. Not to praise them too much,
but to put yourself on the line for arson but rule out killing the
owners of those "green" McMansions and making an example of them like
AK-toting Jihadists do, when they have public American G.I.'s
beheaded, this takes a lot of compassion. The Viet Cong tortured and
died by the millions and suicided and abandoned individual identity,
until even the American Leviathan had to go back to the drawing board
and opt to let Ho Chi Mihn have a go- and yet people with the same
radical understanding of how bad things can get, the same drive and
willingness to self-sacrifice, plus a vision of how good things can
be, these elves foreswear any significant personal violence against
our fellow humans. Who does this remind you of?

The Roman Governor Pilate had similarly mythical, non-violent,
revolutionary Jesus Christ (JC) killed a long time ago. Not that I'm a
scripture buff, but to paraphrase Matt. 21:12, JC went into the Temple
and famously disrupted the operations of international bankers' who
were sacrilegiously conducting capitalist commerce in the one place
you're supposed to be able to completely get away from that shit.
First the Pharisees dismissed this as foolishness, buts as legend has
it they eventually saw that he was popular and talked shit about him,
and then they agitated for him to die. Their Temple got destroyed and
Jesus' cult spread so quick that it eventually had to be co-opted to
be contained. Some people twist what he did into supposed
justification for fascism (because they're evil fucktards,, but some people
are still tremendously inspired and uplifted by him today, even though
historians don't even agree that he existed. Was that mythic hero
responsible for the repression he suffered? I'd argue that's not an
important part of his myth, and if you focus on that you be missing a
lot of the good stuff. It's natural that the Romans saw him as a
credible threat to their consolidated power, because if everyone
started feeling the contagious motivation to act on their love for one
another, as strongly as the central figure of America's dominant
religion did, then soon that Empire would have been turned on its
head. Maybe we wouldn't have spent so much of the last two millennia
turning Earth into Hell. We can take heart now, regardless of past
errors, and spread the good word with 9/11 Truth.


"There has got to be a better way for us all. It's a challenge, but
we're human. We have big brains and we can use them. Changing seems to
be a key. If we keep doing the same things as previous generations,
what are the odds that we'll wander out of the black iron prison that
is also the cave of treasures? Either way you look at it, we're
trapped. But we can smell the paradise outside the prison walls. We
know there has to be a way out."

Next time I write my ELF pen pal in federal prison (check out for addresses of such
folk that sorely need loving attention) I'm going to point out that
targeting slightly eco-friendly, hypocritical luxury housing actually
IS terrorism, since it scares people, though I imagine he'll counter
that shock value is helpful in waking people up. I might also argue
that it's a drop in the bucket and can't put out the really real fire
that's torching the revolutionary, Enlightenment ideals that you can
see half-heartedly put into practice in the origin myths of this
country. He will probably counter that the Constitution got torched
before it was half-written and that America has been fish shit from
the beginning, to which I might counter that as more and more of us go
for technologically informed, permaculture gardening lifestyles, we
are able to use the antiquated apparatus of oppression that he
described as "fish shit" for spare parts and fertilizer for a truly
new world order. Let's finish out the Eon of Pisces not with a
(nuclear?) bang, but a whimper- a collective moan of pleasure! Then
he'll say "Well of course, that's probably what I'm gonna do when I
get out of prison in a million gazillion years."

If somebody wants to be the change like Jesus or the ELF there are a
lot of ways I see people doing it. Go all the way with alternative
renewable energy, and adopt a raw food diet sourcing only from local
farmers, and live in a home that pays more than lip service to being
natural. If you're in Cincinnati, go take Braden Trauth's upcoming
Permaculture Design Course, or at least come to what's surely going to
be an amazingly enlightening, free introductory seminar (http:// Come participate in
Tagline: obliterate capitalism through generosity !!!
Host: meg sommer & friends
Type: Causes - Rally
Time and Place
Date: Saturday, March 15, 2008
Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm
Location: fountain square !!!
City/Town: Cincinnati, OH
Contact Info
it's a market that operates on principles of gift-giving !!!

this saturday and every second saturday of the month.
fountain square !!!

bring a basket full of clothes to give a way
bring a wheelbarrow full of books to share
bring a tray of sandwiches for anyone and everyone.

bring something or bring nothing.
take everything or take one thing.

it's just about free. no trades. free everything.

come come come !!!

(( you don't have to bring anything, but you can !!! ))

more info:

Hope to see you there!

I think I made my point, but to finish off: please, Anthony, don't
bother the revolutionaries with negative-Nancy nay saying. If you want
to contact the ELF, hit up its fallen warriors and show 'em some love
and solidarity. If you establish a repoire with 'em, you might have an
opportunity for dialogue. A warning to everybody: don't overly
identify with targeted hypocrites who are making a bunch of money in
the death-dealing rat race to buy a humongous greenwahsed luxury
house. You're better people than they are and they deserve your
compassion, not your adoration. Their co-opting of the good, green
ideas for ignoble, half-assed solutions (
story/2008/3/4/161419/8700#comment4) to our humongous problems is
exactly the kind of behavior what's gotten us in trouble. -Badger


donald423 said...


sharqi said...

I think it was Derrick Jensen said he is often asked what he thinks about direct action, including violence. Is it right? Instead he asks, "When are we going to do something? When the last salmon dies?"

Interesting that it wasn't Rome that killed Jesus. Pilate didn't want him killed, it was the crowd (of Jews) that demanded it. Pilate offered them Barnabas, but they turned him down. They wanted Jesus' blood, and why you ask? The Pharisees persuaded them. They wanted Jesus dead, because he was a threat to them. They were afraid of him. (This is what I remember from some late-night uber-passionate re-discovery of the crucifiction of Christ, and sorry if the wine blurred my correct remembrance of the scripture. Raised by a minister, you'd think I could do better, always.)

I remember a WTO video clip of some environmentalists asking some black-clad anarchists during the protests, "Is that recycling you're setting on fire?" The answer was "Uh, yes." I had to shake my head on that one.

Was the Boston Tea Party a terrorist action? I imagine it would be viewed so today if it were done to the US, as colonizers. Anything someone without power does to inflict damage on the power is terrorism. When the minutemen did not stand as a unit and fight in the open, they were viewed as breaking the rules of war. Yes, and they won, too. And to fight this colonial power we find ourselves behind, as it runs away like a horse in front of a prairie fire, we have to break the rules of war once again.

I'm not sure there's ever a thing that will out-power the powers that be. They are riding the cheap energy peak like the rest of us--the most power EVER, and then....downhill we go. It's no doubt that our nation is not as wealthy and powerful as it was after WW2. Our wealth and influence has been slipping since, although Wal-Mart and tv have been keeping us too busy to notice. Our media only focuses on the wealthy or the celebrity, and lord knows there's plenty of them to keep our attentions off what's going on right before our eyes without our seeing it (one of the big red flags of dysfunction--our nation-state family).

I see you found something that overpowers the powers that be, badger--a free mobile market. Sharing. Can't buy it anywhere, but it's everywhere you look if you care to notice it. Have fun all you friends and lovers!