Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I love writing letters. They afford a rare, social opportunity for taking time, getting one's thoughts together, and sharing them with a friend in developed form. Getting one's creative juices flowing, laying down the ambrosia on paper or pixel.

Traditionally, I experience debilitating difficulty with inspiring myself to write. This may stem from the fact that my favorite writing is usually done in letters, and I lose it as they're sent out. So here's an idea to reap the richness.

Instead of pulling teeth by writing randomness, I would duplicate my best letters and anonymize people by using initials. That way, people who know of any events discussed from direct experience could appreciate my view, but for most people it would just be news and views.

Discretion would be necessary. I would come up with a list of rules to keep me from falling into grey areas of discussing confidential matters. Discussing peoples' comfort and gaining consent before publishing is necessary. This would become second nature. Kinks would work themselves out, and I'd be careful.

What say yee, co-bloggers? Please consider and share your thoughts. You too, anyone else who is watching.


sharqi said...

I agree, I love writing letters. (And why haven't we written each other recently, Badger?) It is a great way to share the oceans of thoughts & feelings & happenings of life.

shadowcrrew said...

i'm writin' ya a letter now, Abby. thanks for the nudge