Friday, July 04, 2008

I Pledge Allegiance

I pledge allegiance
to liberty and justice for all

The Dreaded East Side of Springfield is ablaze with highly illegal fireworks, probably from Missouri and Indiana. Autonomous fireworks shows in all directions rival the centralized government-sponsored spectacle. We love it when people celebrate their freedom with illegal fireworks.

I rode my bike to SIX places today looking for sparklers for Kid Khalila. How can we have an Independence Day without sparklers?!!?!! How can stores be open for business on this holiday, yet not sell us the traditional tools for celebration? Just how lame can Springfield be? Nevertheless, neighborhood displays have evoked loud primate woooping from us on the front porch of the chaos house.

If we are truly a free country, could we drop The United States and just be America? With every neighborhood, every household, different yet included in the endless open play that is post-civilliesed pioneering?

And the irony continues--how much of these fireworks were made in China?!

In other news, we're enjoying Badger's kim chee. It has Badger chi in it, I think.


abby said...

Tonight I finished watermelon rind preserves from the leftovers of the pilfered parade melon from the 2nd of July fireworks show at the Penland craft school. The paraders threw it in the ditch, and we collected it on the way home. They're yummy preserves. Today I made stuffed grape leaves for the first time, just boiled them in salt water and stuffed them with parsley, quinoa, and feta. and Mike made his traditional 4th of July sourdough. It tasted much like his every other day sourdough. :D happy day!

shadowcrrew said...

i made another batch of kim chee when i returned from Zombaland, and at the amazing Rondy (which Heather will probly be writin' about in a minute), i sprinkled some in to a shit trench to aid in the land's digestion of our waste. it's nice to give back.

one of these years i want to make fireworks with Joe Hollis, and use bat guano to get the salt peter. it'd be just like in the olden days, when fig newtons were made at home and chestnuts kept everyone plump.