Saturday, August 23, 2008

rah rah blah

Today a rich guy with a lot of secret service personnel is visiting our town, to have lots of pictures taken with some other rich guy. There's expected to be a crowd--possibly more than the daily number of commuters on a weekday. I'm not going anywhere near all that. Don & Kaleigh braved the circus and are now downtown at the bus transfer station, heading to the farmers market, because we need eggs. Don is wearing is homemade BLAH BLAH BLAH t-shirt. It's protest, art, humor, and fashion, all tied up into one. And he's taking some food not lawns propaganda to a vendor who makes great soap. That's it for protest from us. Maybe it's that we're old and boring. I don't know as that I have that much to say about it, especially to tv cameras and enthusiastic people who like to yell and who forget every four years that politicians are not to be trusted. But I think getting some chores done around the homestead and playing with my kid will accomplish a lot more than voting, or not, or whatever. I'm very very glad the deciding spectacle will be ending in a few months, and then we can commence on the doing spectacle. Woo.

I read the local paper online today, and it had a story in it about how the only low-cost dental provider is unable to provide dental services to anyone over the age of 20 anymore due to lack of dentists. And you have to go there and stand in line at 6 in the morning on Fridays only if you want to get an appointment for your kid. If this isn't ridiculous enough, Springfieldians are lining up at the reader forums to bash poor people who need dental health care, and making fun that they have insurance and poor people do not (and do not deserve it). We do have insurance, a medical card, guaranteed by our state, but it's basically not worth the paper it's printed on. No one takes it.

Back to self-health care, and thankfully we have good friends (like yarbwoman Abby) who are learning them up many non-college degrees in areas that actually matter.



sharqi said...

And the rah rah blah is over. The farmers market was disappeared, unfortunately.

The news reported that people were "dropping like flies" in the heat & humidity of August in central Illinois. This has been the hottest day in weeks.

Of course, no water bottles were allowed in the shoulder to shoulder crowd, considering their use as a projectile. Paper cups of water were being sold (at inflated prices no doubt) far from the madding crowd. The pix of the rich guys show they were wearing long-sleeved shirts.


vivir vino veritas said...

They disappeared the farmers' market? That sounds bad. I hope Kaleigh and Don got out of there, before these overdressed politrix people decided it was all too much.

This month it's been hot and parched in Cincinnati, too. To our glee, though, today brought a cold front. Feeling the wind on your skin as you listen to it, rustling vigorously through the leaves of the trees, one of my alltime favorite experiences.