Sunday, August 17, 2008

raw flax seed dehydrator crackers

are amazingly delicious and healthy. Do some research, make some and see how you feel :)

Flax seeds seem to go for about $4.50-$5/lb. This is kinda pricey, putting them raw at about the price of gourmet chocolate bars or peanut butter. However, to make the crackers one adds a lot other less expensive ingredients- whatever culinary herbs you're growing, and in season vegetables. They are a wonderful way to utilize bumper crops of tomatoes, for instance.

This is how we made the crackers.

First, Mr. Mark Seimer and I ground some flax (and sesame and chia) seeds in the coffee grinder. Then added an equivalent volume of water, and stirred the bowlfull up with a spoon. The seeds soak up a lot of water, and become mucilagenous. It's this quality, among others, that make them so desirable for cracker making- it holds all the ingredients together. I swear, you bite into one of these crackers and it doesn't break except where your teeth pleasingly crunch. There were a lot of times this afternoon when I'd bite down and be left with a crescent moon of cracker! They're also high in fiber, which might have something to do with the flax's binding ability.

Leave the ground flax to soak awhile, and make your veggie smoothie. One can add nuts, oils, and spices. We added curry powder, cayanne, three roma tomatoes, a bit of greens (kale/lettuce/chard), purple cabbage, half a small onion and 4 cloves of garlic. Garlic seemed to be important for flavoring, as was the sea salt.

Now once you've got your smoothie, mix it into the soaked flax. This you spread onto your dehydrator's pan, or if you live somewhere dry and sunny, perhaps you'll rig up a way to do it outdoors. The cracker will be in the box for 10-12 hours, then Mark will flip it over and do it again on the other side. For moister, breadier crackers you can shorten this time. However, Mark is experimenting with shelf life for these fabulous raw food staple. Hit up google and see how other people are doing it.


jennconspiracy said...

Where do you live? Flax seeds cost 99 cents/lb at Whole Foods here in California (and when I checked in Ohio and Oregon, also cheap).

I bet you could buy them online in bulk a *lot* cheaper than $4-5/lb including shipping!

vivir vino veritas said...

i live in ohio! how did these deals go unnoticed? thanks for the tip, Jenn

jennconspiracy said...

Definitely check bulk bins - I can hook you up with my mom in Mentor if you need an extra pair of eyes, she's been frequenting "Danny's Organic Market"

vivir vino veritas said...

I appreciate that Jenn, and please don't worry about it right now. You just keep experimenting, I'll keep eating immense quantities of baby spinach and peanut butter at the cafeteria. Next season I will have to make some of those Persimmon chocolate blondies, though. Dee-licious.