Tuesday, June 20, 2006

am i going new age... have i lost my mind? no

dang. k, so i've been to baltimore to visit my ailing gramma. her face skin is so loose and wrinkly, the only way you know if she's smiling is by looking at her eyes, and even then she looks very sad and confused.

i wish she and i had known each other better, apparently she talked circles around people and made fun of them in those ways that appear to be compliments but might sink in later as insulting. she also... ah, a long interesting life as well. there was this one time someone in my family grew a pot plant. it got huge. i think it must have been my aunt. anyway, gramma dug it up cuz it was in the yard and she smelled piggies. but did she throw it away? no! she put it in the attic, figuring it was a shame waste all that good pot. she didn't smoke, but growing up in the great depression she didn't throw shit away or serve enough food at dinner parites. she'd put out a tiny piece of cheese, you know like 8 oz, for 25 people, and that would be it. hahaha

umm, so i got to visit with a friend from school and we and her friend and i walked in the woods. we saw a feral coy fish, an alligator snapping turtle, and various other marvelous biological peculiarities. i also picked up some flint, and will shortly be experimenting with knapping.

also stopped in at Red Emma's, this rad info/coffee shop. very groovy. they're hosting a huge radical bookfair soon, June 30th-July 2nd. check er out http://redemmas.org/bookfair/2006 check 'em out, Ward Churchill is speaking! you tell it brother! we'll fuck it up good for you! kidding, of course ;) , keep the dripping water away from my forehead mr. police officer, or i'll kick you and you'll fall down hard

speaking of violence, i spent the weekend with some way-cool pacifists. or at least they seemed pretty cool... i learned about pachakuti mesa shamanism from a master shaman and his apprentices. as my uncle says, a fool tells all, so i'll say no more, except they're not into violence. here's a description of it:http://newyorkayllu.com/shamanism/about_the_mesa.htm

a lady from there gave me a lift back home. unfortunately her ideas about social change frustrated me so much that i bottled up my emotion and later took a run. since i was just dealing with the anger then, i neglected my duck feet. then i broke my right foot by placing wrong while running. and now i'm fucked.

anybody want to visit me while i'm gimping? i'd love you so much.

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