Tuesday, June 13, 2006

La PAZ is complete! and other stuff

so here it is, folks. the moment we've all been waiting for. (thunderous drumroll) the Hut is finished! it's waterproof! i tried the spring water, and i'm fine! cat tail pollen is ready for collecting, a plum tree and some useful flowers are in the ground, the toilet is set up, as is the fire pit... what more could you need? any vagabonds in town, you would honor us by staying at La PAZ. the garden will be more advanced by the time you come.

we saw our first dragonflies at the site, surely a good omen.

one of my relatives was in town. he's all into subsistance farming and hunting. the only things on his table that're store-bought are the salt and pepper. pretty impressive, ey? he says when civilization collapses, we can all stay at his place.


danjewmac said...

hey badger what's up? glad to see you're accomplishing some cool stuff, if you're ever in NY over the summer give me a call or swing by port washington, Long Island and I'll put you up for a night or whatever, we always have free room and food for friends at my house (if more than just you check with me first)

Anonymous said...

thanks dan, you're the man. i wish i WAS visiting NY this summer. cya round i hope. same goes for my folks' places in Cincinnati area