Wednesday, June 07, 2006

the good stuff

hmmm... it's been so long since my last post. because of my alzheimers, i'd need a time machine to go back and remember most of what happened. here are the fragments i can offer.

my papa and i continue working on the dialectics around christian justice and green anarchism. as a result, i'm writing a joke about derrick jensen. the context of this hilarity isn't worked out, but the punchline is "i'm gonna get my tribe to kill all you motherfuckers", with him of course not meaning so much of it because he's an author. if you took away the genocidal tendencies, i love the dude.

right now i'm reading fredy perlman's "against his-story, against leviathon!". pretty good shit. also reading and doing "the shaolin workout: 28 days to transforming your body and sould the warrior's way". his stuff is awesome, and the history of shaolin is very interesting. back in the day, the buddhist monks had no government to defend them (the empire wasn't buddhist) so they trained to become the first known martial arts badasses. when buddhism became p.c. in the empire, the monks were forbidden to do the kung fu. so they practiced in secret rooms in the backs of their temples, smashing their fists into the rock wall thousands of times.

the dude on the left is my master (sifu in mandarin), shi yan ming. he is a fearsome badass, and now i am gaining his power!

i've gained a couple friends, but i seem to have lost a few along the way. fuck juvenile diabetes, and fuck drug addiction. i know cursing won't dispell such large problems, but they represent my feelings pretty well on these subjects

my brother graduated from a waldorf middle school. waldorf is a strange but wonderful alternative schooling model, with classes like woodworking and games. there was this one dude with a high iq and a bee up his butt who thought he should tease and disrespect everyone at the school, mercilessly. including my hulking leviathon of a brother. (seriously, my bro sea serpeant is 15 and 6'2 and he thinks he's an x-man.)

so what's the first thing he does after graduating from middle school? he goes up to the jerk and slugs him, possibly breaking his jaw in one punch. everyone cheered

my pal beautiful day almost finished the hut today, but his hand got a splinter and got infected to the point of needing surgery. :( sorry dude

the spring has been dug up, and more have been located. i promised not to drink from it until after my dads wedding for fear of being sick for it. after all, dude's been going with the same woman since i was a tot.

i'm getting a whole vision, (implementation has allready begun) to make a sweet-ass permaculture garden near the hut. more details to follow.

i went to buy an herb bowl for the partying, and the dude demanded to see id. what a nutter. he had dreads and he works in a headshop. i guess pigs give them shit all the time

some serious urban spelunking has been undergone by papaya, b.d. and i. check out pictures at, though that's NOT where we went. (so with that, i want to make an anti-toast: fuck cops who read anarchist blogs in order to squeal on us.)

if you're green and or anarchist and or spontaneous and active, please leave me some! and check out the peruvian shaman coming to serpeant mound. he and his peruvian shamanic associates think they have a shot at saving the world with their magic, so i'm checkin it out

this is a wicked cool website on prim skills:

hail and farewell my hearties


William said...

If civiliztion's capitalist exploitation of nature equals giant robot dinosaurs then I'm totally down with it.

As I've said. Civilization or primitivism? ...I'll support which ever one's got dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

i think the answer's obvious. we'll come up with real dinosaurs once you scrap the robots. deal?