Tuesday, October 17, 2006

hand drills and land snails

last night i called lots of people, very late, cuz i had to tell someone... i finally succeeded in coaxing a coal from a fire drill set. and then i repeated the feat... make sure your stuff is dry, the right stuff for the job, and be preparted to use all your elbow grease

on another note, i finally bothered to look up these snails. i find them in kentucky. i find them in ohio. it looks like there are two species, Capaea nemoralis (white-lipped banded snail) and C. hortensis (brown-lipped banded snail).

C. nemoralis http://www.msu.edu/~gillilla/cepaea.html

and guess what? we have confirmation that tasteful Europeans eat C. nemoralis! http://www.listserv.uga.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind0401c&L=conch-l&D=0&H=1&P=9616

guess that means i do too

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ericat said...

I am going through snail blogs. I hat the things. They eat a hole in the aloe leaf and rot sets in killing the plant. OK now what impressed me here is that snail photo. Very nice photo, but appart from that, that snail is also here along the west coast of south africa. We live inland 80 km from the west coast and 100 km north from cape town. Never saw them in our garden but then we took some stones from the coast for our succulent garden and suddenly we have them. Thought they would not last but they are multiplying. I will take a photo of the next one and put it on my website. If you are interested to see it. I will put the photo right at the bottom of the default page snail photo please give me a week as I will have to look for the snail.