Sunday, October 01, 2006

one of my trips in the woods

the forest beckons more and more when you're in the city, so we dipped and then climbed up a hillside from the road. first we had to jump up on a retaining wall, where a snake was easing its way up a vertical face. very impressive, and i dare any spiders to one up that shit.

muha, i also climbed a wall sorta like that today, and i don't have thousands of joints! i suppose have limbs and digits gives me a bit of an advantage though

when we got to up on the climbing, we passed some rad shit. there was an old concrete bird bath support, with moss enjoying its rough surface. then there were small overhangs, with ledges and mad animal trails. and orange poop. ORANGE POOP. fascinating. i smelled it, and it was giving off a fruity odor. later figured it was gingko berry remains.

we found a wonderful and secluded vista of the macateewa valley. and lizards and snakes, lots of them. i got one for a pet named snakelette.

the lazarus lizards, though, proved too quick for us. or maybe their being on their home turf gave them a huge leg up. we'll just have to lay a trap if we want to catch some.

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