Saturday, October 07, 2006


i'd heard of driving while black, but walking while white? i didn't know it was a criminal offense yet.

i was strolling through the neighborhood, doing a little adventuring as i am apt. the neighborhood has a lot of black drug dealers in it, which is the subtext for this fiasco.

the cops pull up in front of us, and we beat a hasty retreat to the swingset behind us where they'd have to get out to talk to us. they move on. we cross the street, and walk down a hill.

the sidewalk is cluttered as fuck, so we have to step into the street several times to avoid tripping or getting whacked in the face. this is when the cops pull back up.

we were jay walking, parently. i tried to do the whole know your rights shit, and it didn't fly. now we both owe $104 to the government. they said it was just an excuse to stop us, as they were thinking maybe they'd catch a few lighter skinned people coming to meet the darker skinned folks to get their fix. they told us this was a dangerous neighborhood. i looked at the cop and thought yeah, maybe for you if you push on somebody who's got the guts and strength to push back.

later, i saw 4 black guys in the street, standing next to a car that turned off in the middle of the street. they didn't get fucked with. i don't resent them at all, just the pigs and their racist bullshit. i'm going to court to fight it

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