Sunday, January 14, 2007

Collapse Culture introduction

I've been thinking about Afterculture and The Fifth World a lot (which I found thru Ran, whom I found thru Noble Savagery). It's fine and good to think about what could be making life work in 400 years when everyone's re-indigenized. But I like to think about right now, or in a bit, what could we be doing, what might people be doing, to survive in just a few years? Which helps me think about things that might work right now. Especially under the radar of those who would like to interfere with those who are doing things differently.

So I name the "in-a-bit-culture" or "4.1 World" Collapse Culture. If you're even faintly aware of the idea of petro-collapse, climate chaos, civilliesation running itself out of its fuel, that sort of inevitable catching-up-with-us of our denial of our problems, you are part of Collapse Culture. And I wonder ...

How long will it be?
What will it be?
Desert, jungle, swamp, or ice?
Concentration camps in Kansas? (Oklahoma's already full)
Or creative flowering the likes of which we can only barely imagine?
Can we all quietly stop going about the business that's destroying the world & our souls?
Can we justify using ANY petroleum, coal, paper AT ALL? If we mean well, & say we're propagating memes to enable others' self-liberation & the dis-integration of Leviathan?

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