Monday, January 01, 2007

unleash your inner beer ape!

in all the partying that i've done recently, it's something i've more deeply contemplated. i've cracked the Tao te ching to help me, and an unexpected entity has helped put the Taoist lessons into my context. you can meet him at the following link:

his name is the Rolling Rock Beer Ape. in the video i linked to above, he is shown parachuting into a beerless, zestless group of people who lounge by a pool.

here's a quote from the beginning of the Tao te ching:

So it is that existence and non-existence give birth the one to
(the idea of) the other; that difficulty and ease produce the one (the
idea of) the other; that length and shortness fashion out the one the
figure of the other; that (the ideas of) height and lowness arise from
the contrast of the one with the other; that the musical notes and
tones become harmonious through the relation of one with another; and
that being before and behind give the idea of one following another.

as the as the Double R. B. Ape parachutes in, the assemblage becomes excited- he represents renewed prospects for their gathering. "Look everyone, it's the Rolling Rock Beer Ape, and he's here to save the day!" what about this fantastic animal differentiates him as a savior?

it's not any physical attraction they feel to him. something is good about this being, though he doesn't have the distinguishing slimness, youngness, pale skin, or near-hairlessness characteristic of the crowd. the standards of beauty that the scantilly clad men and women in the commercial could use are not even applied, and so are they able to pleasurably appreciate him.

the ape signals his willingness to party by removing his shorts to reveal a man thong. a girl's eyes bulge. do not mistake her reaction as necessarily a sign of sexual attraction. the ape dances with the bikini clad lads and lasses, but there's no grinding or focus on the pubic areas of anyone beyond that girls initial eye bulge. what could it mean? my interpretation is this: the ape is consciously crossing a very dangerous border between sentient species. he' building new bridges between people (and presumably, apes) from different backgrounds. has Jane Goodall even done as much as might be happening in this add? also, as Darren Nash could tell you, gorillas have much smaller members than the average human party goers do. in this context, we can safely say that the girl's bulging eyes are an elated reaction to this monumentous occasion. i admire his escapades, and apparently she does too. his behavior could save the world.

because he appears in a rolling rock brand beer commercial, the crowd's reaction to the Ape are staged and designed to focus our desire on their beverage. but is it his gift that makes the monkey special to the partygoers? i'd say no. besides the ape deftly tossing and distributing the beer, there's no focus on it. nobody is seen putting it to their lips. they're all seen instantly dancing and enjoying themselves himself WITHOUT ever imbibing. you can't even tell if the beers that some peope are seen holding are open. it's the powers of their minds that's changed their level of happiness for the good. MIND OVER MATTER. you are open to having a good time, you see no reason not to have a good time, and then you have a good time- that's how it happens.

it doesn't appear that the ape desires any THING, and he ends up being fulfilled simply with human company. it's never clear what he comes for, where he came from, and where he goes (besides into the pool while playing electric guitar). by loving their experience with the Double R. B. Ape, people are showing appreciation for the Taoist non-expectation/non-judgemental frame of mind leading to fulfillment. they're also cooperating with a powerful, intelligent, non-human life form for mutual benefit. just to tack an additonal thought to the end of this rant, they're also showing a sort of tribal, nature sited enjoyment- people, shed of inhibitions, outdoors, sunshine, clean water, living grass to dance on. i don't typically encounter this scenario in apartment parties, dorm parties, office parties, and other parties that are removed from the natural elements, unless I recreate the natural elements in my own head and heart. there's a lot of good stuff here.

I want to wish you happy new year and advise you to UNLEASH YOUR INNER BEER APE. good night


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