Friday, January 19, 2007

what do i do when my foot's STILL broken?

About to start The Illuminatus! Trilogy, and just started The God of the Small Things

In reading about H.P. Lovecraft over at Fortean Times, I found mention of something called the (Cincinnati) Bate Cabal. Here they are.

Since I've publicly decided to be an agitator instead of a ghost, I have no problem sharing this with you. It's an article about airplanes, HERF guns and terrorists. WARNING: don't try to make a HERF gun. I heartily disendorse them. Not that a disclaimer counts for much, as was shown with what happened to the SHAC 7, but just saying no strings attached. I'm a Luddite anyway.

I want to puke up a few more links for ya's. One is the Infiltration Zineabout going places you're not supposed to go. The other one is Urban Freeflow, the official worldwide parkour/freerun network. O I wish my foot wasn't broken.

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