Wednesday, August 15, 2007

disappearing for a minute

Friday--the day after tomorrow--Sharqi, Kid Khalila, and I are taking off for Stelle, Illinois, where we'll be attending this permaculture design course, and Khalila will be bonding deeply with her grandparents in the suburbs. I expect we'll be rather incommunicado, busy learning from morning til night, and away from computers most if not all of the time. But we've been enjoying the webinars and we are looking forward to meeting these people in person, observing real patterns on the ground, and learning step by step how to design a site to sustainably meet our needs for food, fuel, fiber, and medicine. Not to mention meeting the guy who translated The One-Straw Revolution.

I think I had a few more things to say but sometimes they slip away. Buckwheat mead is dank.

We just started a few gallons of blackberry wine from local/farmer's market berries.

One of our homework assignments has been to identify ten plants in our area that we're unfamiliar with, and learn their uses. Most that I've looked up are at least somewhat edible, and I'm pleasantly surprised to learn that some can be used for fiber (velvet leaf) or scouring (horsetail) or even latex! (sow thistle)

If the world ends in the meantime, remember the advice a Christian church put in an ad in the paper in the buildup to Y2K: Don't panic, be generous, and trust God.

If the world doesn't end, there's a chance I'll be able to make it to Chicago to see the Taqwa Tour '07.

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