Saturday, August 04, 2007

wild green fire

wild green fire

islands of fertility in the urbarrens
patchwork vagabond housing
blue tarps peek out here n there

some of these trees were sprouts
in the 1700s or even 1600s
can you imagine all they've seen?
to cut this up for firewood
will be an act of deep love and respect

after the good-to-the last drop of
light sweet crude is gone
this world's mighty machines
will not come to move the next
set of tremendous trees that fall
on the roads in a storm.

cut for fuel and
or composted in place
for the next hundred years
neighborhood gardeners will
take advantage

the lushness restricted to the yards
will leap into the streets

wild green fire

sure it interferes with traffic
but traffic interferes with this
and traffic won't last much longer
or rather it'll change into a whole new
complex dynamic self-regulating
chaos system

what will traffic be? bare feet bicycles
large grazing mammals & very very small engines
as the roads decay, then what?
Does it all degrade into chunks of gravel?

It's only thru pockets of chaos
that StanCity can survive
as pockets of chaos are the sources of innovation
when surprises come

<3 hakim


werebrock said...

that vision is radiating light, brother. i'll be flyin' over those finally reclaimed in my gyrobee, broadcasting seed balls on hard to reach places. here's to tonight's revolution!

Hakim Baker said...

and tomorrow we declare a new revolution, to supersede the revolution declared