Friday, August 03, 2007

seasons change

with my mind cleared of late, i've started noticing some of the many gradual changes that happen around MG. my mood has really effected my perception operating level.

two weeks ago, these little wood finches have been screeching up a storm and darting around our deck, often pausing to cling to the sides of the great tulip poplars. they hang perpendicularly, like acrobats, their bodies just comin' out at a right angle to the massive trunks.

last week, the owls began hooting in earnest- long and loud into the night. my Ma calls it "dueling", since they do a call and response hoot.

this week, there's been some kind of predatory bird making its screeches mid-afternoon. i've seen it flyin' way up there, probly near the top of the mountain, so at least two thousand feet. and then i saw some BIG birds flying up there, too. they were turkeys, by the shape of 'em.

i also continue to notice my problems with gluten, whenever i've indulged. i had some rye/spelt bread, as a tastey experiment, and goodness gracious that was a mistake! (i had to nap in the middle of our bamboo workshop.) but i'm learning, and will be experimenting with different grains. sourdough cornbread, anyone?

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