Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Bluebird of Happiness long absent from his life, Ned is visited by the Chicken of Depression. . Gary Larson

i'm back off my anti-depression pills, for a week and a half. i'm definitely feeling it. i'm about to order this zine. maybe i won't, but if i had a dollar fiddy to spare i would.

(from slingshot)
Doris #15 The DIY Anti-Depression Guide
This time around Doris is mostly in comic form. There is advice on (duh) dealing with depression. Ideas range from smashing your TV and herbal remedies to masturbation and coffee.

There is also an article on how o deal with urinary tract infections.

Doris is a well written personal zine. I always enjoy reading it.

$1.00 to:
PO Box 1734
Asheville, NC 28802

i need to get outside more, but right now i'm in a big college neighborhood and the kids and their fashions and grindingly normal behavior (almost all of them, i dig just get a complement on my waders), are enough to drive me back inside. that just won't do, specially now that i'm going off the meds. i gotta buck up. there'll alway be something about life i could pick to be miserable on. i need to get out in the woods, get my cell phone back and working so i can connect with my friends, whatever.


there, whenever i say that i crack up and feel better. which reminds me, my zine was lost. boo hoo. before i scanned it (SOB sniffle sob).

i wish i could pour my whole story into this, or somewhere. I just want to share it.

Speaking of which, GE, Asmajol and I saw Peaceful Warrior. WONDERFUL, and faithful enough to the amazingly helpful, ecstasy inducing book Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Not that Dan Millman needs props, but KUDOS dude


Hakim Baker said...

Hi again. I subscribed to this blog.

That's too bad about losing your zine--I was really looking forward to reading it!!

A long time ago I read Way of the Peaceful Warrior, in retrospect I thought maybe it was a little cheezy and New-Age, but it did open my mind a little and it may have been a first step of a long journey that I've now traveled three or four steps on. If the movie was good, that's good. America needs more stuff like that.

Best wishes with your meds and depression. That zine sounds nice. Kids (everyone) needs resources to combat the illnesses of civilliesation without resorting to the supposed treatments they hand out to us.



William said...


Your sorrow is disliked!

I would much rather have you feel appreciated and inspired.

Barring that, go smash a TV!


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