Monday, August 14, 2006

today in history, compliments of "Daily Bleed"

a few important events we may have forgotten

1842 -- US: Seminole Indians forced to Oklahoma after 8-year war. There's Osceola, a fearsome freedom fighting chief. The seminole were natives and escaped slaves who banded together, going South from the soon to be Confedarate states to Florida, where they fought and won most battles in the Everglades. They lost because of the huge numbers and will power of the enemy, eventually got disgusted and threw in the towel.

1846 -- US: Henry David Thoreau jailed for tax resistance to the Mexican War, Massachusetts.

1888 -- Black Rain at Cape of Good Hope, "a rain so black as to be described as 'a shower of ink'".

1900 -- China: International military expedition occupies Beijing & loot the city, as the "Boxer Rebellion" against foreign intruders is put down. American forces participate "to protect U.S. interests." Indigenists revolting, like what Ward Churchill talks about here and the DAAA talk about here
What would have happened if this rebellion succeeded instead of the Maoist one?! OOOOOOOO.... :___ (

1936 -- US: Rainey Bethea hung, the last US public execution. Now the media controls the circus action & neatly hides the horror.

1963 -- US: Broken by McCarthyism, left playwright Clifford Odets dies, Los Angeles.
Daily Bleed Saint, 2004 CLIFFORD ODETS
Almost single-handedly brought Jewish radical theater
to a wide audience, American & world-wide.

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