Monday, August 14, 2006

geneology can be kind of cool

yay, my ancestors

ELIZABETH (WOODS) TARBELL (17 Sep 1665–24 Jan 1717) — 8G Grandmother
The family of Thomas and Elizabeth Tarbell was well-known in the history of
early New England. Their children Sarah, John, and Zachariah were kidnapped by
Indians on 20 June 1707 and taken to Canada. It was said that they had been up a
tree picking cherries, and had no time to get down and escape before they were
captured. The daughter Sarah was ransomed by the French and lived with the
Sisters of Congregation of Notre Dame at Lachine, where she was baptised as a
Catholic on 23 July 1708. The two sons, John and Zachariah, became prominent
members of their adoptive tribe, and have many descendants living today among
the Mohawk people of southern Canada and adjacent upper New York, particularly
in the vicinity of Hogansburg, New York, in the community of Akwesasne. See
Green [109–124] for a lengthy account of the history of this family

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