Saturday, August 26, 2006

geora elm visits cincinnati

i was beginning to seriously doubt the adventure potential for the summer until i landed on werebrock's doorstep. that was wednesday and the adventure has not ceased.

there have been sweaty treks through the city by unconventional routes, story times, plant relocating, dream exploration and telepathy exercising. We have seen murals as well as painted part of our own, we have bussed, walked, ran, biked (sort of) to many corners of the city and beyond (including walking to kentucky today to check out the scene of my pal's childhood, where we were marvelously fed and driven around by his mom, nice). i got to meet the girlfriend, and we hit it off quite nicely. there have been open mic (mis)adventures, brief la paz exploration, animal and apple encounters, and, of course after all the exertion of our cruises, beacoup de napping.

i'm only at the midpoint of my stay and i feel like a blooming tomato!

what will these next days bring on their wingtips??? perhaps i will have a dreamful premonition tonight after more exercises to promote such activity, otherwise i will await with much anticipation for the truth in realtime.

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