Wednesday, December 06, 2006


the wind is so cold that it's blowing through the very solid and uncracked glass windows of the house i'm. thank goodness i'm not shivering in my drafty apartment with my room mate. i hope he brought someone back to have sex with, or he may very well get hypothermia or have a seizure.

maybe i will go to hawaii soon, for a permaculture internship. to help me accomplish this, i ask you to please listen to this hawaiian music, and maybe even focus some intention on my endeavor when you work magik, or prayer, or whatever you do or don't do. in any case, the music is very pleasant. you could also listen to my friend's brother's ukelele hip hop, which is some rad tunes, @


Hakim Baker said...

that uke-hop is sweet. warming!


werebrock said...

thanks, hakim. i checked out your wish list, and your other blog. i am glad to know you. i thought the sufi truism was very telling when applied to all the anarcho-bickering that goes on. i'm starting to feel uneasy calling myself an @ because of it all.

i accidentally rejected a comment from a pal of mine up in BC, so here it is, copy and pasted. his universal love shines through.

What an amazing music video. Thanks and kudos to your friends bro! I am sending you some super power along the etheric cords we have perma-friend. May whatever be in your highest good unfold (Hawaii, nice one!). Your blog and day to day adventure tales are brilliant and inspiring. Absolutely impressive. Thank you with tons of appreciation for the card. It had arrived yesterday and it is supremely special. Keeping sadness out of talk; knowing it is ever-present in the hearts of those who care to feel, your card has brought mucho smiles. Speaking with spanish has me thinking of Mireille; do you get her messages regarding her work down South? She too moves mountains so subtly with her sincerity. I have much love for those I have EATen with and look forward to any dreams where we can meet for certain (Until this boy makes his way to the bay...or better still, to see the big Kahuna and learn further that which shall heal more than just sick humans being). For now, it is continuing to study dilegently: myself (including my iris with iridology) and learning to wield art through digital platforms (Im homeskooling because I could no longer maintain the "atrocious college pose"; way too wasteful). Teaching is well and Celtic Shamanism sounds intriguing. It is true, the truth is good whenever it is...

[loving roar of thanks and love]

Raw bee

werebrock said...

i came up with a truism today: all blanket statements cover up some truth

ninjamonk-e said...

I live in Toronto. [smile]

ninjamonk-e said...

I live in Toronto. ;)