Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mickey Z and declaration of NOT being in the ELF

i recommend your attention to Mickey Z. he is a cool observer, social critic, whatever. he wrote a few books for Disinformation, and his blog is always lighthearted, groovy and informative in some way.
i hearby take a public oath that i'll never be in the ELF. and for your information, i never have been, either. much as i'd like to burn down some McMansions, i wouldn't make a very good pistolero. i'm too social, and I don't believe that isolated monkeywrenching on the scale it's practiced will ever be effective. resistance that change the tides of fate comes from strong hearted communities. their webs of influence have to be insidious and weave throughout a culture, so people who wanted to go underground and do illegal stuff... what am i saying? why do i even bother?

because one way or the other, i think this motherfucker is coming down. when the temple that is our body has its false idols smashed, the spirit of freedom comes in and all you have to do is act on it. and once you deisolate yourself from other spirits of freedom, you're not a pistolero any more. YOU'RE AN ARMY

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