Monday, December 11, 2006

the tainted nipple; Books 4 Prisoners Packathon Plug; Mickey Z on the #1 Buddhist Shisester of our times

I was supposed to put this up yesterday:
Over the last few years Minneapolis has become the
lauching and focal point for a growing number of 'boat
punks' taking expeditions down the
Mississippi River on homemade boats and rafts. Last
winter six Minneapolis based boaters went overseas and
took a 'Do It Yourself' river trip down the Mekong
River in Southeast Asia. Then
this past summer the largest floatilla yet, 13 boats at
one point, went down the Ohio River. Several of those
boats were made in Minneapolis as well.

This Sunday a new art show will open at the Matchbox
Cafe in Northeast Minneapolis showcasing photos,
articles and other artwork from the Ohio
River trip.

In addition, the new 'zine "Careening down the Mekong:
The Journey of the Tainted Nipple" will be released and
available for distribution.

Sunday, December 10 3-7pm (informal potluck around
4:30-5pm, bring a
dish if you want)
The Matchbox
1306 2nd St. NE

And I should have put this up last week, for the Cincinnati locals:

The Books 4 Prisoners Crews first annual 24 hour Packathon

When - Starts Dec. 17 at 6 pm through Dec. 18, 6pm

Where - Hobo Bookstore, 4040 Hamilton Ave. Located in Cincy's Northside neghborhood

You can get more info at their website, which I humbly suggest you plumb the depths of. I can attest, as can THOUSANDS of prisoners all over this area, that B4P is a marvelous and valuable.
Mickey Z's blog mentions that appearances are decieving when it comes to the Dalai Lama. I read an issue of the match that went more in-depth, and talked about all the torture chambers and slavery that went on in Tibet under Buddhist rule. Too bad the anti-primitivist editor won't use a computer

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