Wednesday, December 20, 2006

word of the day: bucolic

of, pertaining to, or suggesting an idyllic rural life. noun. pronounced byoo-kol-ik

o yeah. more AH, AL! is forthcoming. promise on momma earth's menstrual blood.

i was told that the culture(s) in laos and cambodia were really, really cool and utopian in the 20 years before pol pot. i looked into it some, but didn't find anything of value. any info on the matter would be welcome.

i have healthy, alive ginger beer brewing. my hopes are high for that. but really, some personal troubles have come in the way of me blogging. i thought my foot was fucking gonna be good to go, but i have to treat it gingerly for another month and a half. that lays serious waste to some cool plans, but i'm coping. as long as my brain works, i should be copacetic.

i got turned down for La'akea cuz of the depression and eating disorderness (fuck's that about?), haven't heard back from Lost Valley. so i'm looking elsewhere, using fab database of farms that need help/want to teach. i've really had to narrow down the playing field by adopting hard-hitting criteria (enough people, real learning, room and board for work, and focus on egalitarian community skills). some of the way cool finalists have websites, and so in the interest of the holiday spirit, the return of longer days and merriment, here's a smorgasbord of their links: didn't they get the memo? you were supposed to leave the Garden of Eden when God told you to. duh! wow sounds hard but far out dude

here's one without a website of their own, but it's too sick to pass up:

grey owl garden

Activities: magic, love, fairies, wild edibles, brewing, compost, farming, gardening, activism, healing, permaculture, csa, cottage industry, community, arts&crafts, bio-dynamics
Description: we grow food, we enjoy life, we're interested most in: natural farming techniques, mushrooms & berries, wild animals, fermentation, crafts, simplicity, herbs, wildcrafting, solstice, fairies, dragonflies, (there're alotta insects, hella mosquitoes, no poisonous ones - aside from bees which we're also interested in), latin america, anarchy, (r)evolution, permaculture, magic, sewing/weaving, compost, horse manure, musica, weeds, fishing, flowers, strawberries, rhubarb wine, corn, indigenous cultures, zapatismo,...

the land: five acres, two cleared, just outside of fairbanks, beautiful, peaceful, basic, simple, small-scale, tranquilo

we grow subsistence & market foods, use a variety of gardening methods (as natural & simple as possible), are open to new ideas

disclaimer!!! smallscale tranqillo garden life. rootsy simple style. an experiment in magic, a chill home, a beautiful garden.
Program: Open everything: be prepared to get some blisters, to chill out, to share space, to eat vital bioregional foods, to ferment physically & spiritually, to explore personal projects while committing to the work of the garden, and to BE IN ALASKA!

lodging: bring your own tent or feel welcome to create your own simple, temporary structure that we can offer some help with

food: communal meals of staple grains, legumes, garden/wild veggies, salmon, other foods you offer...

we live simply, expect earth-based exisdance: outhouse, no "indoors" (we have a screenhouse), no running water, outdoor cooking, tents, hammocks, possibility of electricty & telephone this year, town 25 minutes away by car (we go 1-2 times/week)

POTENTIAL FOR MUCHISMO MOSQUITOS, and mad amounts of solar presence (i.e. midnight/2/3/4/5 am SUN!!)

we travel a bit in the summer, you're welcome to adventure out as well
happy solstace, ya crazy heathens

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