Friday, March 30, 2007

interesting article alert

"The Gnosis of Anarchy; The Spirit of Revolt and the Revolutionary Spirit" has a bunch of interesting history. for instance, I had no idea there was any connection between Bakunin and the Masons (now I do). maybe you won't find it worth reading. i know it's not really fair to lay something this thick on you (it's 90 some pages). another good article on the recent past is "Down with the Empire! Up with the Spring!", a by now famous piece on the little known EF! Albion slew of amazing victories in the face of "the biggest road building project since the Romans".


Hakim Baker said...

Whoah! What a collection of good posts. This assortment of topics is exactly what I love about Noble Savagery. Can't commit to the 90 pages at the moment--hands full, ink cartridges empty--but it looks juicy.

Passing you a virtual peace pipe,


Anonymous said...

I concur. The recent slew of articles has been a great mix for the mind and soul. Yeah, don't quite gno exactly what to think on Bakunin having been a free mason, I'd read about it before...and in one of the volumes of Peter Lavenda's Sinister Forces, he makes an aside about Bakunin being a Satanist to boot, without, of course, really explaining or sourcing it (though in lots of other places, he sources his books quite well). 'Course, there's folks that'll say the Masons are up to no good and folks that'll say their up to only good and others that say they're benign as a group. Maybe it's all of those if you don't assume they're a unified, borg-like monolith...after all, it's comprised of individuals, like every other group. Bakunin did do a lot of lip talk about secret societies (mostly it's assumed to irritate and confuse agents of the State)and his legacy, particularly the infamous "Propaganda by the Deed" tenet of his work with the rogue Nechaev (forgive the misspelling, I'm working from memory), makes him a rather ambiguous figure in the history of anti-authoritarianism...

Love the pictures of the hellbender. They're beautiful, poor creatures.