Sunday, March 11, 2007

William Cooper

an review of "Behold a Pale Horse"

If you are disgusted with reading (Left/Right) Gatekeeper propaganda then William Cooper is for you. Cooper accomplishes what most news analyst such as Amy Goodman, and Anne Coulter won't do, and that's naming names. In his book he elaborates on whose orchestrating the "New World Order."
We as Americans need to educate ourselves about this detrimental topic and Cooper gives us a great foundation to start our research.
And be prepared because you'll quickly discover that "History is the lie that they teach you in school." (Vernon Reid Living Colour)

And if you are distraught over the government's prevarications then get ready to swallow the red pill because what most Americans don't ascertain is that law H.R.4079 and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are designed to marshal in the police state. Which if you haven't already guessed, means Marshal Law.
Under H.R.4079 the Federal Government has the right to suspend the U.S. Constitution.
Moreover, Cooper brings to light that many of our elected officials are members of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission (TC), the Bilderberg Group (BG), and many other secret societies hell bent on global hegemony.
Cooper straightforwardly articulates that we are losing our country, our autonomy, and our lives.

This book also dissects the Illuminati subject in a coherent fashion. Cooper discusses how these secret societies BG, TC, CFR, and the Jason Society are really different denominations of the Illuminati.
So, if you don't become an expert on the "New World Order and how it works" after reading this then you have no business complaining about the isentropic issues that concern us today.
The Illuminati exist, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Our lives are depending on our perception of reality. What we think is real is really the fantasy the global elite conjured up, which equals Problem, Reaction, Solution!
We are being spoon-fed prevarication that Congress actually writes the laws in this country, but the reality is secret societies set the agenda behind closed doors. Plus, Congress no longer has the power to declare war! Surprised!!! You should be! At 3:30am Saturday, August 4,1990, the Senate passed the Senate Intelligence Authorization Act (S.B.2834). This bill transferred most governmental authority over to the President, which means, "The President was given the power to initiate war, appropriate public funds, define foreign policy goals, and decide what is important to our national security." So, in a nutshell, the President can declare war with any nation at anytime (with or without just cause)! And enact domestic policy as he or she deems fit.
Just take a glimpse at the Iraq situation? George W. Bush started the full scale Iraqi invasion in September 2002, which was one month before Congress voted on the measure and six month before the official invasion on March 20, 2003 (Operation Shock and Awe). So the President declared War without Congressional consent and they (Congress, the Supreme Court and the media) knew it was legal for him to do so, and they feigned otherwise, misleading the American people.

"Behold a Pale Horse" is a 500-page diatribe of information that no one should be without. Whether you agree or disagree with the info in this book isn't the point. The crux is do we have the right to be circumspect, or more accurately, paranoid over our civil liberties being eviscerated before our very eyes? I think we do.

The controversial subject of Area 51 and extraterrestrials is also discussed in this five star book of info. We have to ponder on the fact that our government hides information from us everyday. I personally don't believe in little bug-eyed gray men from planet Neutron 5, but what I do believe is that our government is running clandestine experiments in Area 51 that they don't want discovered. And we as a free society should have the right to inquire as to why they (the government) would deem this irrational behavior acceptable?

Also, Cooper discusses the Freemasons' role in the "New World Order." So for all you Freemason conspiracy buffs this is essential reading.
Oh and one more thing, for all the Freemason researchers out there who want to find out how Hiram Abif died, here's how, "Hiram Abif represents intelligence, liberty and truth, and was struck down by a blow to the neck with a rule, representing the suppression of speech by the church; then he was struck in the heart with the square, representing the suppression of belief by the State; and finally he was struck on the head by a maul, representing the suppression of intellect by the masses." I fail to construe why the Masons think keeping the secret of Hiram's death is so important. There ideology seems rather gauche in the end.

Anyway, I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is an Alex Jones listener, or is familiar with Anthony J. Hilder, Jordan Maxwell, Jim Marrs, or anyone who wants to truly understand how the world's smoke and mirrors methodology really works.

After reading this book I perfectly understand why Milton William Cooper was killed 2 months after 9/11.
Cooper is a hero that should be honored and respected!

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Anonymous said...

Good ol' William Cooper. He was a living land mine. I remember devouring his book one strange summer--that same summer I had a landmark experience officially surmised to have "probably been a temporal lobe seizure"--it was also the same summer the first Matrix came out...
Lots of interesting and provocative stuff in Cooper's book--the stuff on FEMA and other little-publicized laws and executive orders (such as Reagan's executive orders allowing for setting up of what are essentially concentration camps for use during martial law) is probably the most reliable, as I've read corroboration elsewhere (and that's disturbing enough). On the other hand, there's plenty in the book that lends itself to automatic self-discrediting (e.g. he reprints the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as an appendix, advising the reader to just replace the words Zionists/Jews with "Illuminati" and goyim with "chattel," as if somehow that might clean up this piece of Czarist secret police propaganda). Anthony Hilder is similarly a landmine, and I think, in the end, both of these guys, though they offer(ed) some good information and are/were, to a certain extent, fighting a good fight, also were serving their own narrow, dead-end agenda (my guess is underground rightist-militia, possibly racist, definitely homophobic in Hilder's case), which doesn't make for much more room for "freedom for all" than what the so-called government and the various think tanks and political-financial organizations (WTO/ CFR, etc.) aim for.
One still has to wonder, though, about Cooper's shoot-out with the feds and subsequent death two months after 9/11...and it could be read a whole lot of ways (self-fulfilling prophecy, etc.) the world of spooks and former spooks (which Cooper claimed to be) and conspiracy investigators, things--and people--look quite murky.



p.s. still making my way through against his-story; against leviathan and it continues to be a phenomenal read.