Saturday, March 10, 2007


it was back in like '96 when the word "permaculture" first registered on my radar screen. thanks goes to the Crazy Palestinian's Permaculture Page for that. it's very informative as a primer, though a bit scatter brained. (actually, it's me who's a bit scatter brained; the whole thing is an amalgoration of tantalizing tidbits to expand upon for the uninitiated).

i was just looking at the page again, and at the bottom it said Murad's place is the Marda Permaculture Centre, but that he's in temporary exile and teaching at The Farm in Tennessee.

i looked up the Marda Permaculture Center, which was apparently renamed The Marda Sustainable Development Center, and found that it was destroyed in '94 by the IDF. fuckin' a. i called down to The Farm, and was told that Murad is back in Palestine right now, rebuilding and getting shot at. how's that for a hero?

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Anonymous said...

hello, just saw your post. I'm in contact with murad who is doing an amazing job rebuilding the site with very few resources. any support (financially or just messages of solidarity) that you or anyone else can give would be most welcome.