Friday, March 30, 2007

water dragons and shinto lanterns

in Ohio, the so-called "hellbenders" are endangered. i think we can fairly call them water dragons. apparently they're so common around here that people are always throwing 'em back when they fish in the South Toe River, down the road. after hearing the local anti-serpent sentiments, it's good to know there's somebody around here that's weird, reptilian and primal. i can't wait to meet one.

in other news, it turns out that those cement Japanese lanterns (tōrōs) that everybody's got in their back yards are cultural artifacts from the entrances of Shinto temples. as we reinvent our spiritualities, chowing down on the buffet of world traditions while already having these around, why not see what kind of magik you can stick back in there? Herbal Gerbil and I hauled one up to a waterfall to aid in communication with ancestors to great effect.

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William said...

That salamander made my day. Jesus, that's cool.