Thursday, February 14, 2008

john trudell

the land is ours, our heritage. She belonged with our ancestors, to our great grandparents. Our families belonged to the earth, with the plants and animals. how strange to think of plants killing other plants for no reason but to be alone on the earth, without "competition." Redwoods emit toxic substances to clear room to grow, but the massive redwood only takes up enough room to grow. It does not clear the forest. Animals may compete for resources, for room to roam, but they do not cross oceans to secure those resources. We have allowed a minority to trick us, to convince us with manipulated light (that has only been under control for a hundred years), to fabricate an illusion of scarcity. We do not Need oil. We do not Need a fascist regime to tell us what "must be done." We do not need to be told what our bodies can more simply and effectively help us understand. We are alive, not dead, so let us live and not be consumed by our own progressive consumption.

We Will overcome the brutal oppressiveness that has continued to eat our souls from within. We will recover from this sickness and release this land from domination. Our spirit is strong, and we Not be hollowed out forever.


I have been entirely delighted to study patterns, repeated, recognizable systems that are tried and true. I seek them out in all things. If we can't pass on this basis of ideas, and if we can't share the coherent understanding we have gained through our personal experiences and those we have shared with others, then we have lived a sort of selfish life, an unsustainable life pattern. Our humanity lies in these common patterns being passed on into a future of children and the continued stream of our grandchildren. We are the future grandparents of ourselves as a whole. May we always spend our time better understanding, for the good of our progeny (because we know how delectable and supremely enchanted this little life can be).

My motive is the happy, smiling face of the child I will feel pleased to help create. My joy is knowing birth is going on all the time, while I'm looking at the new buds and blossoms in whichever season I happen to visit.

the entire earth is a womb. our bodies have been formed into its magic image. our genitals are like flowers, our blood like the oceans. we are like baby earthships!


donald423 said...

thank you (x many)

is the whole thing John Trudell or did you write the second part?

Anonymous said...

Not that you have to have kids to feel this way, but there's something about having a kid around, knowing at some point, you're passing off this big pile of garbage and debt and horribleness to someone you care so much about. And there's not much we can do about it, realistically, except to change our selves and our ways of life, our patterns, our thoughts, feelings and doings. And have faith and pray to your self that you have the guts to do it, and not sell out and live in the suburbs with health insurance and retirement fund. Love you all, my community.

abby said...

o, john trudell is just a good guy, that's why his name is in the subject. he was on my mind.

at some level i feel very much like a child inheriting all this garbage from my parents and wondering why their parents and grandparents weren't a little more about sharing tradition and rhythms. suburbs must've seemed the path of least resistance (though my family has never lived in them, nor their families).

Anonymous said...

we humans, idealistically living in harmony with our intuitively natural patterns. together, in community. i hope steve reads this.

we sing out what we know, this natural part of what we feel. as when hakim rose the point that, though i'm workin' in the EPA and the feds read my e-mail, i still am playing this tune! this great song fills us, and it shakes everything around us and when we look back on it later, and step out of now into the timeless space of dream time, it becomes SO apparent. blessed be you, my merry friends.