Monday, February 11, 2008

"Labyrinth Renewed"

Labyrinth Renewed

On this Summer Sunday morn
we wandered the centering way
of the labyrinth
cyclically weaving
my hands languid for langsyne
raked along the seed
long relayed
enpatterned smooth
in rippled groove
and billowed rise
along their rythymed stems
leaving free the chaff
The tyranny of the typical,
the constraining constructs
topically were shed
to float as loam
to find the gaps
of blanket thatch
and coat for winter warmth
where freeze and thaw
heave for seed
and haw to swell
scarified in acrid gut
to deeply cut and dig
and break into
the sacred home
where Life begins

Seed bearers all
we lost our way
into circling step
and restful breath
drinking in
the growing glow

Our paths wound
to and fro
encircling round
and through
the corners of our globe
through the seasons
journey of our sol
weaving free our souls
egos intertwine
fine web refined
as sunrise divined the clouds
edges shined as
silver lined
whirling trails like
leaf minors eating doors
seeking sustenance cell to cell
safe within their green
and living host
so we as guests to her
her land holy waters and sky
contemplated Her
Our mother O-hi-o
and her ageless beauty here

Blossoming forbs and
upright waving blades of blue
to hip,
to heart,
to eyes and on
her dark rich soils dry sands
her waters deep
in rounded gravels grey
aquifers in beds of clay
and limestone rock with
sculpted ancient life
fossils of her limelight days
gone by now await our sight
when all was sea and sky
to lend to bones
strengthened since
from snail to human kin
who walked through these
gentle prairie blades
wooded glades to rich wet fen
dry oak ridge or rocky edge
more barren yet and all
in ancient living ways
just as light in step
tall and straight
strode in strident gate
above the trail
their feet to meet
the gentle beat
up through her loving skin
roots woven within
where her returning stroke
would lift to carry them
blood red with iron
hearts strongly drawn
to knowing well
the way for home
shared by hearth
through tale and dance
in ceremony
in prayer and play
to lift all works
to great
as a newborn laugh
or stubborn wail
or open
present easy

Measureless in mornings light
like here and now we walk
wandering free
from roaring highway sign
I feel mutations choice
Lend way to compromise
and ponder how do these
allow the interplay
so resonate by fate or chance
but ease to dance
when two or more gather
commune and harmonize
the fabric of our Earth
Being in between
in resonance we sing take wing
the fire that moves the wind
the water steeped within
the movement of the sea
of grass or leaf of tree
and cloud to move the fires
of councils in the skies
together all relates
rise up the swell
flow down the wake
along with the others as vessels
we contemplate

Small flickering flames are we
on ripples of her lake
concentric circles weaving wakes
on her warm and welcoming surf
of her depth
never known before
from her deep
ever known before
stars that move
reflect in care
of the dark unknown
from which we come
and alas so know as home
where soon in our roaming
we too shall shore
to enter in
not extinguish
but return

Curves bends and turns
all these
allowed our deepening
to personal pathways here
I took to deepening pause
to behold one Indian Grass
whose stamens dangled on
within my eyes
as candles draped
brilliant gold
and glowing danced
in flow
with morning ease

Gold dust hopes aloft
were carried bouyant o'er
air adjoining shores
waving to and fro
admitted rise and fall
from deeper arts unseen
of an interfluent weave
that rose up through
the web so fair and true
and falling low
sought to plunge
to the frighteningly deep
where nurture juggled currents
tussled new and fresh
from learn-ed old and clear

Balanced held I poised
in open full embrace
in mutual healing balm
cast from driven thought
not ours now gone

Onto timeless dawn
we launched our vessel on
with knee to others knee
we carried ancient light
gold to those in need
indigo as received as deed
cognate on waving air
oarless but for trust
in prayerful intent thrust
out we went
into the intimate one

When In circle we met again
we reached out and then within
greeted journers and the directions
we joined hands
we shouldered arms
and stoked the children’s fire
shared ancient mind at hearth
inspired anew to carry through
wisdom of our sacred land
in kind we were renewed
kindred through many faiths
diverse in common place

To heal wealth
to wellness
we celebrate
the all
of each
and every race
all facets
of each face
we share
the beauty
of our

At the center
we became
of being same

So uniquely so
from here
as ease
we go
to greet
with whom
we sow

we sew


ahe ahe

GMFH 8/07

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