Monday, February 11, 2008

Two Legged’s Dream

Two Legged’s Dream

Dripping splitting from rusted door
No other on the prowl will explore
I’ll take some shelter on this seat
No windows left to slow my leap

In the morrow I’ll move on
This rain will not outlive the dawn
I’ll try my haunts along the stream
See who’s lurked there in between

Junkyards, old cars left behind
Lost to two-legged’s nimble mind
Fall between the culture’s cracks
Making room for Life’s come back

How’d they loose the hunter’s way
Aware of all, the gentlest sway
Busily they move, consumed like ants
In desperate mood and rigored pant

Many waft the fearful smell
In their packs constrained, unwell
They roar the roads out of touch
Thinking so and so and such and such

So many there are about here now
The world beyond they’ll not allow
It’s good for us we’ll not be found
Ghosts that slip between their ground

Their world is fixed and locked in blocks
Their out of sync and chained to clocks
They do not hear the passing prey
And live blind to Life each passing day

I suppose it will stay their loss
Their trap need not be my cost
Until they take Life, in their way
Building things to slow decay

Much like us they’re built to impress
To climb in rank their stature stress
It would not matter to me their haste
If they would not lay so much to waste

But at least they do forget
Forget their toys and their pets
When all they touched is laid to waste
I’ll still find plenty to my taste

As time winds on Life finds its way
Sun will set and rise next day
Rain will fall and Wind will blow
And through it all we’ll come and go

So for now I’ll just rest
No other’s power need I test
I need not strain or like them toil
Or worry what next they will spoil

I am Life’s and Life is mine
What I need I will find
In every step and every mess
I will find my wilderness


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