Monday, February 11, 2008

Weep Mother Weep

Weep Mother Weep

For all the lies that
Try your soul
No promises to keep
Weep Mother weep

Rain Sister Rain
For all your tears
That wash her clean
Ravaged harvests
Sunken seeps
Savaged forests
Rain Sister Rain
Balm her weary pain

Pour Mother pour
Let your waters flow
O’er silting soils
Flood well your plains
Where waders wade
And peepers peep
Fill your aquifers deep
Welled sullen and sour
Pour Mother pour
Cleans your stores
Flush your springs
Life will we restore

Strike Father strike
Your lightning
From the skies
Crash through hearts
Turned dull as rock
Their deadlines to demand
Sink as moving sand
Through hours glass
Sealed from Brother Air
Refreshed with truth
Trust falls there too
As they just turn again
Tongues and fingers wag
Taunting plans void
Temporal shams

Strike Father strike
Ignite our hearts again

Is real the mind of man
Without your loving hand
To guide our living with
Her waters gifted all
Her land

The time is ours
At hand
To shift and take
Our stand
With Her
Or without
All right here
Our spot

Grow Mother grow
With Brother’s breeze
To clear and ease
The static sticking thoughts
That grow seethingly more taut
And as a bubble breaks
Into countless sparkling drops
Will sink into the soil
No inkling of toil

Rest Parents rest
While your grasses test
Brother Wind to blow
Last years seeds to sow
From standing stems
Birds too will fend
Awaiting green to grow
Rest Parents rest
While Children give
Their best
GMFH 04/18/06

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